What Business Letters Are

What Business Letters Are :

What are called ‘business letters’ are those letters which are written by people in connection with their work, even when the subjects of the letters have nothing to do with the trades or professions or vocations of the writers.

For example, a business person, executive or manager might find it necessary to write to members of his or her staff, complimenting them on their good work, or rebuking them for negligence of some kind or other. Also, he or she might have to discuss internal administrative matters with managerial colleagues, or make reports to seniors and/or directors.

However, most business letters do deal with the main work or activities of the businesses or professions or vocations of their writers.

The term ‘business letters’ is also used to refer to letters written by people who do not consider themselves to be “in business” at all. Such people include accountants and auditors, lawyers, educationists, doctors, dentists, architects, engineers, and others - who refer to themselves as being in ‘the professions’. Nevertheless, in general the letters they write in connection with their professions or vocations need to conform to the same rules as those which are written by business people.

The variety of reasons why business letters have to be written is huge, as is the variety of circumstances which necessitate them.

And, of course, much depends on the activities in which a particular enterprise is engaged and on the work performed by a particular executive or other employee.

Some enterprises send and/or receive very few letters, whilst other enterprises send and/or receive large numbers of letters every working day. Some business people and managerial staff write relatively few business letters, whilst others might spend large proportions of their working hours writing such letters, as well as reading the many received.

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