What is A Possessive Adjective?

What is A Possessive Adjective? :

Descriptive Adjectives :

These show the kind of quality of a person or thing.

Clever girl

Big house

Kind man

Red apples

Tall boy

Smart girl

Elevated house

Possessive Adjectives :

These are my, our, your, his, her, its and their.

My pen

His book

Our country

Her dog

Your name

Their house

Its name

Demonstrative Adjective :

Like demonstrative pronouns, they point out.

This book

That man

These pens

Those trees

Interrogative Adjective :

These are which, what and whose.

Which umbrella is yours?

Whose pencil is this?

What is the nature of the house?

Adjective of Quantity :

These include all the numeral (one, two, second, sixth, etc) all, both, some, many, much, few, each, every, neither, enough etc.

Four chairs

Both houses

All men

Many flowers

Every boy

Enough money

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What is A Possessive Adjective?

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