What is A Relative Adverb?

What is A Relative Adverb? :

There are several classes and sub-classes of adverbs.

Adverb of Manner answe the question HOW?

Nearly all adverbs ending in LY are adverbs of manner.

Also well hard, fast, so thus, etc.

Jack laughed loudly.

He walks slowly.

She plays the piano well.

This possibility seems hard.

Adverbs of Place (here, there, up, down, near, below, above, etc) answer the equeestion WHERE?

He was standing here.

Don’t go there.

Put the pencil above the table.

Please come here.

You are near the street you are looking for.

Adverbs of Time (now, then, today, tomoorro, wely, soon, etc.) answer the question WHEN? I’m very busy now.

We will meet him tomorrow.

Adverbs of Frequency (often, sometimes, always, usually, twice, never, etc) answer the question “how often?”

He often goes to Nagpur.

She always works hard.

I never smoke.

We always go to the temple.

They wash this room twice a week.

Adverbs of Degree (very, rather, fairly, quite, too, almost, etc) answer the qeusiton HOW MUCH? Or TO WHAT DEGREE?

He is fairly clever.

She types very carefully.

I quite like the idea.

Interrogative Adverbs (where, when how, why) are used in asking about place, time, manner, etc.

Where do you live?

When did you see her?

How did she come?

Relative Adverbs (where, when, why) are linking words which join two groups of words.

This is the place where I was robbed.

I can’t forget the day when I first met him.

This is the reason why he did not come to the function.

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What is A Relative Adverb?

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