What is a Love Letter?

What is a Love Letter? :

Usually a person who claims to be very rich and very handsome, having estates or a gazetted post should be treated touchily. Such persons, if they were out to find a suitable partner, won’t have the need to advertise. They can find a decent partner in normal society. There are many assistants in government posing as gazetted officers. All they want is money plus enjoyment until a new victim can be traced. Many fathers advertise as bachelors who haven’t yet met a girl. So you have to be cautious.

The genuine advertisers do not boast. They state their financial position modestly. They are usually widows or widowers or middle class people in a genuine search for a partner.

Wealth may be in search of beauty or beauty in search of wealth but do not trust a person who claims to be both rich and beautiful and yet in genuine difficulty.

Loveless marriages are horrible. But there is one thing worse than an absolutely loveless marriage, a marriage in which there is love but on one side only and in which of the two hearts one is sure to be broken. (OSCAR WILDE)

The ancient Aryans rightly practiced marriage by free choice so that none of the two hearts should be broken. Grown-up boys and girls dressed themselves most gaily and danced in the forest to the tune of cymbals.

“Cymbals sound,” says Rig-Veda, “and seizing each other lads and damsels whirl about until the ground vibrates and clouds of dust envelop the gaily moving throng.”

Boys and girls do not dance today so freely as they do in the west.

Kak Shivan (One of the authors of Rig-Veda) tenderly thanks god for his beautiful wife and the riches she brought him from her royal family. His marriage was truly a lottery of love. He was returning to his home after the completion of his studies. He was fatigues by the long travel and fell asleep by the roadside. Soon Svayava, the son of king Behavya, invited him into his-chariot. He offered him his daughter Romasa as well as gold, flocks of cattle, chariots and horses. The student took the bride home and this is what she said to her in-laws.

“He has accepted me as his bride and I cling to him like the rider to the whip which he grips in his hand. My husband grants me the enjoyment of the thousand precious fights. “Suffer me to approach you. Have pity on my weakness, I shall always be Romasa that is to say, they ewe of Gandharvas.”

The fall of India dates from the day the Indian woman lost her position at the family hearth and became a plaything instead of being a valuable companion. Today in the east and the west a woman is merely an object to titillate the senses instead of being a ministering angel to preside over the destiny of the household.

In ancient world the woman marched shoulder to shoulder with her husband. She was a beautiful and bashful daughter, yearning ‘how the youth rests within the chamber of the bride’ or ‘the radiant mother, dressed in white garments, moving slowly like the milk which colors the soma juice.”

Woman has never been the devil’s gateway as we find her in few countries. Never the less the ancient Rishis knew her as an enigma as a labyrinth and as the eternal question discussed so frequently in Europe and America. Women in ancient were bold and not of a slavish mentality.

“Go home” said Urvasi to her lover, “thou fool, thou hast not won me.”

In ancient world the girl is given away by her parents to save her the trouble of mate hunting which becomes essential in case of an orphan girl who was pitied rather than looked down upon. Thus, Rig-Veda says about one woman compelled to marry herself.

“She seeketh men as she who hath no brother, mounting never car, as it were, to gather riches.”

The modern habit of looking for a lover has not been entirely successful and has led to innumerable unhappy marriages.

“To leave men and women unguided,” says C. Gasquione Hartley “with their own ideas of what is good to do and what is evil is the dry-rot surely destroying the ideal of marriage. No longer should marriage be regarded solely as a personal relationship. Marriage is a religious duty.”

After a woman becomes a wife, she also becomes a mother and she enters upon a new phase of life which must be very carefully looked after.

When a boy advertises for a girl and you think that you are the type he wants, read between the lines. Then you write a letter stating your fitness but do not send your photo because you never know to what purpose it will be put. Also do not visit the boy at his house if he calls you. The best thing is to invite him to your house and adjudge him in your own sphere. If it is not desirable, then call him to some commonplace, say a friend’s house or hotel, preferable a restaurant.

What is a Love Letter?

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