Whistle For It

Whistle For It :

Where There is A Will, There is A Way. :

This idiom means that if people really want to do something, they will manage to find a way of doing it.

  • When Manohar said he is not allowed to meet the manager, his colleague said ‘remember, where there is a will, there is away.’

    Where There is Smoke, There is Fire. :

    Where there is an indication or sign of something bad, usually the indication is correct.

    Whet Your Appetite :

    If something whets your appetite, it interests you and makes you want more of it.

  • The aloo-paneer masala has whetted my appetite. I think I’ll eat a couple of more chapattis.

    Which Came First The Chicken or The Egg? :

    This idiomatic expression is used when it is not clear who or what caused something.

    While The Cat is Away, The Mouse Will Play. :

    People whose behaviour is strictly controlled go over the top when the authority is not around. That is why most teenagers have parties when their parents have gone on holiday. The parents are the scary authority figures, but the cats (parents) are away and the kids (the mice) turn to partying and enjoying their freedom.

    Whistle For It :

    If someone says that you can whistle for something, they are determined to ensure that you don’t get it.

    Whistle-Stop Tour :

    A whistle-stop is when someone visits a number of places quickly, not stopping for long.

    Whistling Dixie :

    If someone is Whistling Dixie, they talk about things in a more positive way than reality.

    Whistling in The Dark :

    If someone is whistling in the dark, they believe in a positive result, even though everybody else is sure it will not happen.

    Whistling Past The Graveyard :

    If someone is whistling past the graveyard, they are trying to remain cheerful in difficult circumstances.

    White as A Sheet :

    A bad shock can make somebody go as white as a sheet.

    White as Snow :

    If something or someone is as white as snow, they are perfect or completely uncorrupted and honest.

    Whistle For It
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