Wind and Weather

Wind and Weather :

Why Buy The Cow When You Can Get The Milk For Free? :

This idiom is usually used to refer to men who do not want to get married when they can get all the benefits of marriage without getting married.

Why Keep A Dog and Bark Yourself? :

There is no need to do something yourself when you have somebody to do it for you usually trivial matters.

Wide Berth :

If you give someone a wide berth, you keep yourself well away from them because they are dangerous.

Wide of The Mark :

If something is wide of the mark it is inaccurate or incorrect.

Wild Goose Chase :

A wild goose chase is a waste of time - Time spent trying to do something unsuccessfully.

Will Never Fly :

If an idea or project will never fly, it has no chance of succeeding.

Will O’ The Wisp :

Something that deceives by its appearance is a will o’ the wisp. It looks good, but turns out to be a disappointment.

Win By A Nose :

If somebody wins by a nose, they only just beat the others.

Wind and Weather :


  • Wind and weather did not prevent me from going out to see her off at the railway station.

    Window Dressing :

    If something is done to pretend to be dealing with an issue rather than actually dealing with it, it is window dressing.

    Window to The Soul :

    Eyes are sometimes referred to as the window to the soul.

    Wing and A Prayer :

    If you do something on a wing and prayer, you try to do something and hope you will succeed even though you have very little change of success.

    Wind and Weather
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