Word of The Law

Word of The Law :

Within A Whisker :

If you come within a whisker of doing something, you very nearly manage to do it but do not succeed.

With One Voice :


  • The irate mob shouted with one voice, “down wit police atrocities.”

    With Open Arms :


  • The exiled rebel was received by the common man with open arms after his return.

    Without A Hitch :

    If something happens without a hitch, nothing at all goes wrong.

    Without Rhyme or Reason :

    Quite unaccountable

  • Mohan often shouts at his children without rhyme or reason.

    Woe Betide You :

    this expression is used to wish that bad things will happen to someone usually because of their bad behaviour.

    Woe is Me. :

    This phrase means that you are sad or in a difficult situation. It is archaic but still used.

    Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing :

    A wolf in sheep’s clothing is something dangerous that looks quite safe and innocent.

  • Do not believe the sweet words of Kamala. She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Wood for The Trees :

    If someone cannot see the wood for the trees, they get so caught up in small details that they fail to understand the bigger picture.

    Word of Mouth :

    If something becomes known by word of mouth, it is because people are talking about it, not through publicity.

    Word of The Law :

    The word of the law means that the law is interpreted in an absolutely literal way which goes against the ideas that the lawmakers had wished to implement.

    Words Fail Me. :

    If words fail you, you cannot find the words to express what you are trying to say.

    Word of The Law
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