Words Commonly Misused

Words Commonly Misused : A

A & An :

A is used before a word which starts with a consonant sound while AN is used before a word which starts with a vowel sound. (A Cashier & An Indian)

According to & In accordance with :

None of the two gives a direct expression and it is always desirable to write something natural. Thus instead of writing ‘In accordance with your request’ it is better to write: “we have pleasure in sending a detailed folder you requested”.

Accept & Except :

Accept means to receive or to confirm.

Except means to omit.

Acknowledge & Acknowledging :

Instead of writing “we acknowledge with thanks the receipt of your letter” or “while acknowledging our letter of”, it is better to use a simple sentence like “Thank you for your letter of…..”

Affect & Effect :

Affect means to influence.

Effect (verb) means to cause and to institute.

Effect (noun) means a result.

Alright & All Right :

It is always better to use the word ALL RIGHT instead of ALRIGHT.

All together and Altogether :

All together means ‘all things or persons together’ while altogether means ‘completely’.

Among & Between :

Among is always used when the number of the object is three or more.

Between is used only when the number of objects is only two.

Amount & Number :

Amount refers to measurable quantity.

Number refers to countable quantity.

And & Etc. :

AND should never be used with ETC.

Thus ‘table chair, cot, almirah, etc.’ is correct.

Anticipating :

Always avoid using the word Anticipating.

Thus ‘anticipating your order and ‘anticipating your reply’ are wrong.

Anyplace, Anywhere, Anywheres :

Always use ANYWHERE in place of anyplace or anywheres.

Appraise, Evaluate & Assess :

Appraise and evaluate mean to ascertain the value or amount of...

Assess means to value for tax purposes.

Approve & Endorse :

Approve means TO SANCTION.


Apt, Likely & Liable :

Apt denotes natural tendency.

Likely means probably.

Liable means exposed to disadvantage or danger, responsibility.

As Per :

Use more natural expression.

Thus instead of writing, ‘As per your letter of….’ It is better to write. ‘As you state in you letter’.

At & About :

Always use about.

Thus AT ABOUT 5P.M. is incorrect while ABOUT 5P.M is correct.

Words Commonly Misused

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Words Commonly Misused

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