Writing Business Letters

Writing Business Letters :

Writing Business Letters is part of Business World. We have to learn tha art of writing letters so that we will be conveying our thoughts in a better manner. Letter is the best medium for us to register our thoughts in an impressive manner. Although the technology has developed in an exponential manner, writing letters remains the core issue. Paper-Letter has been substituted with emails. But the center skills are the same to be followed.

Business Letters, Social Letters, Congratulatory Letters, Thanks Giving Letters, Interview Letters, Condolence Letters, Application Letters, Cover Letters, Apology Letters, Reference Letters, Insurance Letters, Resignation Letters and Love Leters are few types of letters which are supposed to write to take our lives to the next level. So, the so-called educated people should come forward to learn the basics of letter writing.

Written correspondence is part and parcel of any business and for the business to be successful, effective communication is must. That is why it is most important to learn to write different types of letters. The content of a business letter should be crystal clear to to recipient. Your words and the style of presentation in the letter conjure up a picture of you and your company in the reader’s mind. Letter is one of the best ways to establish better relationship with the clients, vendors, customers and other persons related to your business. A well-written and well-displayed letter will create a far more significant positive good-will on the customerscompared to the poorly-written letter.

This website is a comprehensive and exhaustive treatise on business correspondence. All types of business letters and social letters are dealt with in a clear style here. There are many pro formas as well. They will be required in normal business transactions. Also a separate section on the BASICS of E-MAILS is added to the requirements of the visitors.

  1. How to write letter?
  2. How to Write Personal Letters?
  3. Punctuating The Letters
  4. How to Create An Elegant Personal Letter?
  5. Some Tips For Writing Personal Letters
  6. How to Begin A Personal Letter?
  7. How to End A Personal Letter?

    Personal Letters :

  8. Letter from a father giving advice to his son who has taken admission in a college
  9. Letter From A Son To His Father Expressing Dislike For His Present Occupation
  10. Letter to your father giving reasons why he should not insist you to marry soon
  11. Letter to your younger brother advising him to participate in evening games
  12. Letter to your mother telling her about jouney in a general compartment
  13. Letter to your father giving him all the relevant news about family members
  14. Letter to younger brother advising him about the profession he should choose
  15. Letter to your uncle thanking him for the birthday gift you have received from him
  16. Letter to your elder brother describing the important features of the town
  17. Letter to your elder brother telling him the reasons of your failure in examination
  18. Letter To Your Father Asking For Some Money
  19. Letter to Your Sister Advising Her about The Subject to Opt In XI Standard
  20. Letter to Your Sister Describing Your Hostel Life
  21. Letter To Your Father Telling Him about Your Plan of Going To A Village With A Group Of Students To Teach Illiterate Villagers
  22. Letter To Your Father Explaining Him The Reasons for Not Securing Good Marks in English Paper
  23. Letter to Your Brother Telling Him about The Discomforts of A Railway Journey without Reservation
  24. Letter From A Father To His Son
  25. Letter To Mother
  26. A Reply From The Mother
  27. Letter To Father
  28. Reply From The Father to The Son
  29. Letter From A Father To Daughter Reprimanding Her For Not Writing Anyletter
  30. A Reply From The Daughter To Father
  31. Letter From A Brother To His Newly Married Sister
  32. A Reply From The Sister To Her Brother
  33. Letter To Your Brother Telling Him About Your Health
  34. Letter To Father
  35. Letter To Father Describing Your Hostel In Short
  36. Letter To Father Seeking Permission For Going On An Educational Tour
  37. Letter To Father Giving Him News About Home
  38. Letter To Your Uncle Thanking Him for The Birthday Gift
  39. Letter to Brother Telling Him about Your Future Plan of Studies
  40. Letter To Younger Brother Who Has Fallen In Bad Company

  41. Letter To A Friend Living Abroad telling him about the frequent incidences of communal violence in India and what you think about such incidences and reasons thereof
  42. Letter to a Friend Telling Him about Importance of Administrative Services and how to make preparation for English language papers
  43. Letter to A Friend Telling Him Abou Your Plan of Establishing A Unit after The Completion of Your BE
  44. Letter To A Friend Describing An Incidence of Lorry Truck Collision
  45. Letter to A Friend Telling Him about Your First Impression of The College
  46. A letter to a friend telling him about an interested weekend that you spent at your friends’s house recently
  47. Letter to You Friend about The Futility of Exploding Crackers for Deepawali
  48. Letter to a friend asking him about the status of his studies for competitive examinations
  49. Letter to A Friend Describing Birthday Party Celebrations
  50. Letter to a friend describing annual day celebrations in your school
  51. Letter to you friend telling her about your elder sister’s marriage
  52. Letter to a friend inviting him to your village during summer vacations
  53. Letter To Your Friend About Your New School
  54. Letter to Your Friend Telling Him about The Fair You Visited Recently
  55. Letter to Your Friend Telling Him about The Sports Tournament Arranged By Your Club
  56. Letter to A Friend Inviting Him to Join A Picnic
  57. Letter to Your Friend Telling Him about Your Favourite Game
  58. Letter to A Friend Describing Your Visit to A Hill Station
  59. Letter To Your Friend Who Has Recently Lost His Mother

  60. Formal Invitations
  61. Informal Invitations
  62. Invitation To The Marriage of A Daughter
  63. Invitation on Annual Day Function of School
  64. Invitation On Birthday Party
  65. Invitation to Your Friend on Your Birthday Party
  66. An Invitation for A Formal Dinner At Home
  67. A Positive Formal Reply To An Invitation
  68. Marriage Invitation
  69. Formal Invitation To A Tea Party
  70. Invitation for The Inauguration of A Shop
  71. Letter Declining An Invitation
  72. Letter Stating Inability to Attend The Birthday Party

  73. Letter Greeting Your Father on Fathers' Day
  74. Letter Greeting Your Mother on Mothers' Day
  75. Letter To A Friend Congratulating Him On His Success In Examination
  76. Letter Wishing Happy Valentine Day To Your Beloved
  77. Letter Wishing Someone on Retirement
  78. Letter To A Friend Who Has Recently Triumphed Over A Tough Time
  79. Letter Wishing A Person Who Has Just Purchased A New House
  80. Letter With Congrats On The Wedding
  81. Letter to A Friend Who Has Passed An Exam With First Division
  82. Letter of Congratulations on Birthday
  83. Letter to A Friend on Birthday
  84. Congratulatory Letter on Engagement
  85. Letter of Congratulations on Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary
  86. Letter of Congratulations on Wedding
  87. Letter of Congratulations on The Birth of A Child
  88. Letter with Congratulations on Passing CAT Examination
  89. Letter with Congratulations on Appointment as A Software Engineer
  90. Letter with Congratulations to A Friend on Promotion
  91. Letter with Congratulations to A Colleague on His Promotion
  92. Letter with Congratulations on Winning An Award
  93. Letter with Congratulations for The Scholarship Award
  94. Letter with Congratulations on Recovery from Long Illness

  95. Letter of Thanks for Doing Something Thoughtful
  96. Letter of Thanks for Including You in An Outing
  97. Letter of Thanks for The Congratulatory Message
  98. Letter of Thanks for The Gift
  99. Letter of Thanks for A Nice Gift
  100. Letter of Thanks for Greetings
  101. Letter of Thanks for Deepawali Greetings
  102. Letter of Thanks for Condolence Message
  103. Letter of Thanks for Words of Sympathy
  104. Letter of Thanks for The Courtesy
  105. Letter of Thanks for The Hospitality Shown During The Week-End Stay
  106. Letter of Thanks for Financial Help
  107. Letter of Thanks for The Money Order
  108. Letter of Thanks for A Favour
  109. Letter of Thanks for The Cooperation
  110. Letter of Gratitude for Monetary Assistance
  111. Letter of Appreciation for The Services Rendered
  112. Post Interview Thank You Letter - 1
  113. Post Interview Thank You Letter - 2
  114. Post Interview Thank You Letter - 3

  115. Words Used in Condolence Messages
  116. Letter to A Friend Consoling Him on The Death of His Mother
  117. Letter to Friend Who Has Recently Lost His Father
  118. Letter to Friend on Death of A Pet
  119. Letter to Friend on Loss of A Job
  120. Letter to Friend on Divorce
  121. Letter Offering Support to Your Friend Who Has Just Lost His Spouse
  122. Letter to Your Friend on Divorce
  123. Letter of Sympathy on The Break-Up of Engagement
  124. Letter to A Friend Who Failed in The Examinations
  125. Letter to A Friend Who Is Ill
  126. Letter of Condolence on Death of A Family Member
  127. Letter of Condolence on Death of Family Member
  128. Letter of Condolence
  129. Letter of Condolence on The Death of A Business Associate
  130. Letter of Condolence on The Death of An Army Personnel
  131. Letter of Condolence on The Death of Brother
  132. Letter Expressing Sympathy on Damage Due To Theft
  133. Letter Expressing Sympathy on Damage Due To Earthquake
  134. Letter of Sympathy on Accident
  135. Letter of Sympathy on Illness
  136. Letter of Sympathy on Failure in An Examination
  137. Letter Expressing Sympathy on Failure in Pre-Medical Test

  138. Application Writing
  139. Application for Leave
  140. Application for Long Leave
  141. Application for A Leave
  142. Application for A Leave to Attend A Marriage
  143. Application for Change of Section
  144. Application for Issuance of Books from The Book-Bank
  145. Application for Issuance of Character Certificate
  146. Application for Issuance of TC
  147. Application Requesting for The Grant of Fee Concession
  148. Application for Issuance of Certificate to Facilitate Railway Concession
  149. Application to The Principal Seeking Permission to Play A Friendly Match
  150. Application to The Principal of Your College Requesting Concession in Fees
  151. Application to The Editor Requesting to Join The Magazine
  152. An Application for The Post of A Temporary Teacher
  153. Application to The Director of Education in Response to An Advertisement
  154. Application for A Vacancy in Response to An Advertisement
  155. Application in Response to An Advertisement
  156. Letter to University for Issuance of Duplicate Mark-Sheet
  157. Reply from The University Regarding Issuance of Duplicate Mark-Sheet
  158. Letter from The University Asking for Submission of Migration Certificate
  159. Letter to The University Submitting Migration Certificate
  160. Letter from University Asking To Submit Original Mark-Sheet
  161. Letter to The University Sending Original Mark-Sheet

  162. Letter in Response to A Matrimonial Advertisement
  163. Reply of The Father of The Groom

  164. Letter to The Post-Master Complaining About Non Receipt of The Parcel
  165. Letter to The Editor of A Newspaper Complaining
  166. Letter to The Editor of A Newspaper
  167. Letter to The District Collector Drawing Attention to The Nuisance
  168. Application to The Postmaster Complaining About The Delay in Receiving Letters
  169. Letter to A National Daily about The Neglect of Priceless Historical Monuments
  170. Letter to The Municipality Complaining About The Miserable Condition of Road
  171. Letter To The Editor Of A Daily
  172. Letter To The Editor Of The Daily
  173. Letter To The Editor Of A Daily
  174. Letter to The Superintendent of Police
  175. Letter to The Police Commissioner
  176. Complaint Letter Regarding Encroachment
  177. Letter of Complaint to The Electricity Department for Excess Billing
  178. Complaint to A Neighbour about His Dog
  179. Letter of Complaint about Wrong Parking of Vehicles
  180. Letter of Complaint to The Municipality
  181. Letter to The Post-Master
  182. Letter Complaining about The Uncleanliness Prevailing in The Hospital
  183. Complaint Letter to The General Manager of A Transport Authority
  184. Anonymous Letter to The Station Master

  185. Letters Of Apology : An Introduction
  186. Letter of Apology for Missing An Appointment
  187. Letter of Apology for Belated Reply to An Invitation
  188. Letter of Apology for Broken Object
  189. Letter of Apology to A Friend for Not Keeping An Appointment
  190. Letter of Apology for Sending Damaged Goods
  191. Letter of Apology for The Delay in Refunding Money
  192. Letter of Apology for The Loss Caused
  193. Letter of Apology for The Thoughtlessness
  194. Letter of Apology for The Misbehaviour of Son
  195. Letter to Apologize for An Offensive Behaviour
  196. Letter to Apologize for A Misunderstanding
  197. Letter of Apology to A Sister

  198. Love Letter to The Beloved
  199. Love Letter to Wife
  200. Sample Love Letter - 1
  201. Sample Love Letter - 2
  202. Sample Love Letter - 3
  203. Love Letter To An Old Friend
  204. Introductory Love E-Mail
  205. Formal Reply to Love Letter
  206. Tips For Writing Reference Letters
  207. Structure Of A Reference Letter
  208. Template of Reference Letter
  209. Character Reference Letter
  210. Trade Reference Letters
  211. Template for Creditworthiness of A Firm
  212. Reference Letter from A Manager with Whom You Have Worked
  213. Positive Recommendation Letter
  214. Negative Recommendation Letter
  215. Reference Letter From An Erstwhile Boss
  216. Academic Recommendation Letter
  217. Sample Letter for Character Reference
  218. Personal Reference Check
  219. Words Used In A Character Reference Letter

  220. Letter Requesting To Open A Current Account with The Bank
  221. Letter Requesting To Stop Payment of A Cheque
  222. Letter Confirming The Telephonic Instructions to Stop Payment of A Cheque
  223. Letter to The Bank for Non-Crediting of The Proceeds of The Cheque
  224. Letter to A Customer of The Bank : Writing Business Letters
  225. Reply Letter from The Bank
  226. Letter to Bank Claiming Balance
  227. Reply From The Bank
  228. Letter to The Bank Reporting The Loss of The Locker Key
  229. Letter of Reply from The Bank
  230. Letter to The Bank Reporting The Loss of Locker Key
  231. Letter to Bank Requesting Overdraft Facility
  232. Reply Letter from The Bank
  233. Letter from The Bank Informing A Customer
  234. Letter from Bank Asking An Account Holder
  235. Letter to Bank Requesting for Issuance of Statement of Accounts
  236. Letter from The Bank Sending Statement of Accounts
  237. Letter to The Bank for Issuance of Duplicate Passbook
  238. Letter to The Bank Asking to Make Nomination for Account
  239. Letter of The Bank Supplying The Form Making Nomination in FDR Account
  240. Complaint Against The Bank

  241. Letter to LIC to Get Insurance Policy
  242. Reply Letter of LIC
  243. Letter for Sending Insurance Policy by Post to The Client
  244. Letter of LIC Regarding Survival Benefits
  245. Letter of LIC Regarding Transfer of Policy
  246. Letter for Sending Cheque to LIC
  247. Letter Acknowledging The Receipt of The Cheque for The Premium Paid
  248. Applying for Loan against Insurance Policy
  249. Reply to The Letter Seeking Loan against Insurance Policy
  250. Letter Requesting for Insurance of Goods against All Risks
  251. Reply from LIC

  252. Letter from Landlord to The Tenant for Increasing Rent - 1
  253. Letter from Landlord to The Tenant for Increasing Rent - 2
  254. Letter from The Tenant
  255. Letter of Tenant for Late Payment of Rent
  256. Letter from Tenant to The Landlord Asking for Necessary Repair
  257. Letter from The Landlord to The Tenant Asking to Vacate The Premise
  258. Positive Reply of Tenant to The Landlord
  259. Short Notice Asking To Vacate The House
  260. Negative Reply from The Tenant
  261. Notice from Tenant to Vacate The Occupied Premises
  262. Reply to The Tenant
  263. Reply from The Tenant
  264. Letter to Tenant Asking To Pay The Overdue Rent
  265. Letter from Tenant to The Landlord
  266. Letter from Tenant to Landlord Seeking Permission to Sublet One Room
  267. Negative Reply from The Landlord
  268. Positive Reply from The Landlord

  269. Letters of Resignation
  270. Resignation Notice
  271. Resignation from The Post of Senior Administrator
  272. Sample Resignation Letter - 1
  273. Sample Resignation Letter - 2
  274. Sample Resignation Letter - 3
  275. Sample Resignation Letter - 4
  276. Sample Resignation Acceptance Letter - 1
  277. Sample Resignation Acceptance Letter - 2
  278. Resignation Withdrawal Letter - 1
  279. Resignation Withdrawal Letter - 2

  280. Circular Letters
  281. Structure Of A Circular
  282. Official Circulars - 1
  283. Official Circulars - 2
  284. Official Circulars - 3
  285. Official Circulars - 4
  286. Business Circulars - 1
  287. Business Circulars - 2
  288. Miscellaneous Circulars

  289. Structure Of Memorandum
  290. Main Points of Memorandum
  291. Memorandum - 1
  292. Memorandum - 2
  293. Memorandum - 3
  294. Memorandum - 4

  295. The Heading of Business Letters
  296. The Inside Address in Business Letters
  297. The Greetings in The Business Letters
  298. The Body of The Business Letters
  299. The Complimentary Close in The Business Letters
  300. The Signature Line in The Business Letters
  301. Letter of Request to Supply The Book
  302. Letter To The Dealer To Get The TV Replaced
  303. Letter to The Publisher
  304. Letter by Principal of A College
  305. Letter From A Cement Company
  306. Letter From A Distributor To The Dealer
  307. Final Reminder to The Defaulter for Making The Payment
  308. Acknowledgment of A Letter
  309. Acknowledgment of Goods Returned for Repair
  310. Letter of Acceptance of Order for Supply of The Goods
  311. Acknowledgment of Receipt of Goods
  312. Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Order
  313. Acknowledgment from Publisher
  314. Acknowledgment of Application for A Position
  315. Acknowledgment of Change in Meeting Date
  316. Acknowledgment of Praise for An Employee
  317. Acknowledgment of Unsolicited Suggestion
  318. Complimentary Letter to An Employee
  319. Complimentary Letter To The Hotel
  320. Confirmation of Extension of Payment Date
  321. Denial of Request for Extension of Time for Repayment
  322. Letter to Withhold Delivery Till Dues are Repaid
  323. Denial of Request for Additional Discount
  324. Letter From A Company Seeking An Annual Maintenance Contract
  325. Reply Letter By The Company
  326. Letters Regarding Annual Maintenance
  327. Letter To Hotel To Get Rooms Reserved
  328. Reply of The Hotel Regarding Reservation
  329. Letter To The Company Regarding Receipt of Dividend
  330. Letter for Refund of Application Money
  331. Letter of Company for First Call Notice

  332. Cover Letters
  333. Composing The Cover Letter
  334. Vital Elements of A Cover Letter
  335. Cover Letter Template
  336. Sample of Cover Letters - 1
  337. Sample of Cover Letters - 2
  338. Sample of Cover Letters - 3
  339. Sample of Cover Letters - 4
  340. Sample of Cover Letters - 5
  341. Sample of Cover Letters - 6
  342. Sample of Cover Letters - 7

  343. Letter To The Passport Officer
  344. Enquiry About The Passport By Post
  345. First Information Report
  346. A Farewell Letter in The Name of Father Who is Dead Now
  347. A Farewell Letter to Colleagues
  348. Letter to the Chief Secretary of The State
  349. Letter From A District Official to The Director
  350. Letter By An Assistant Collector of A District
  351. Letter By The District Collector To The Chief Secretary
  352. Letter By A Correspondent Of A National Daily To The Editor
  353. Letter By A Freelance Journalist To The Editor of A Newspaper
  354. Letter To The Editor of A National Daily
  355. Writing Business Letters

Writing Business Letters

Letter Asking A Donation
Letter Asking A Favor
Letter Asking for More Details
Letter Asking for Donations
Letter Denying of Dealership
Letter for Change of Address
Letter for Distributorship
Letter for Employment
Letter for Hotel Reservation
Letter for Letter of Credit
Letter for Line of Credit
Letter for Product Launch
Letter for Promotion
Letter for Retirement Congrats
Letter for Scholarship
Letter for Settlement of Bill
Letter for Tender
Letter for Testimonial
Letter of Agreement
Letter of Assurance
Letter of Credit
Letter of Enquiry
Letter of Order
Letter of Persuasion
Letter of Sympathy
Letter Offering Discount
Letter Related to Advertisement
Letter Related to Despatch
Letter Related to Training
Letter to A Foreign Buyer
Letter to Pen-Friend
Letter to Police
Letter with Order
Letter with Quotation
Letter Writing
Letters about Company Shares
Letters by Clubs and Societies
Letters by Landlords & Tenants
Letters for Appointment of Dealers
Letters for Business Relations
Letters for Buying and Selling
Letters for Credit & Collection
Letters for Foreign Travel
Letters for Lease & Tenancy
Letters for Loan & Borrowing
Letters for Transfer & Assignment
Letters for Insurance
Letters Noting Discrepancy
Letters of Condolence & Sorrow
Letters of Regret
Letters Regarding Maintenance
Letters Regarding Payment
Letters Related to Employees
Letters to Local Corporation
Letters to Postal Authorities
Letters to The Editor
Letters Used in Real Estate
Letters With Postal Department
Letters With Railways Authorities

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