You Cannot Take It With You.

You Cannot Take It With You. :

You Can Lead A Horse To Water But You Cannot Make It Drink. :

This idiom means you can offer something to someone, like good advice, but you cannot make them take it.

You Can Say That Again. :

If you want to agree strongly with what someone has said, you can say ‘you can say that again’ as a way of doing so.

You Cannot Fight City Hall. :

This phrase is used when one is so cynical that tone doesn’t think one can change their representatives. The phrase must have started with frustration towards a local body of government.

You Cannot Have Cake and The Topping Too. :

This idiom means that you cannot have everything the way you want it, especially if your desires are contradictory.

You Cannot Have Your Cake And Eat It. :

This idiom means that you cannot have things both ways, if you want to again something you have to lose something.

  • You cannot have very low taxes and a high standard of state care.

    You Cannot Make A Silk Purse Out Of A Sow’s Ear. :

    If something is not very good to start with, you cannot do much to improve it.

    You Cannot Make An Omelette Without Breaking Eggs. :

    This idiom means that in order to achieve something or make progress, there are often losers in the process.

  • Do not lose heart. The business will not pick up if you want to make an omelette without breaking eggs.

    You Cannot Take It With You. :

    Enjoy life.

    Enjoy what you have and do not worry about not having a lot, especially money because once you are dead, ‘you cannot take it with you.’ For some, it means to use up all you have before you die because it is no use to you afterwards.

    You Cannot Unring A Bell. :

    This means that once something has been done, you have to love with the consequences as it can’t be undone.

    You Could Have Knocked Me Down With A Feather. :

    This idiom is used to mean that the person was very shocked or surprised.

    You Do Not Get A Dog And Bark Yourself. :

    If there is someone in a lower position who can or should do a task, then shouldn’t do it.

    You Get What You Pay For. :

    Something that is very low in price is not usually of very good quality.

    You Cannot Take It With You.
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