Abbreviations Commonly Used in Export Trade

Abbreviations Commonly Used in Export Trade :

ACU - Asian Clearing Union

ADS - Aligned Documentation System

AEPC - Apparel Export Promotion Council

APEDA - Agricultural Products Exports Development Authority

ARO - Advance Release Orders

BIS - Bureau of Indian Standards

C&F - Cost and Freight

CCP - Customs Clearance Permit

CIF - Cost Insurance Freight

CIP - Freight Carriage and Insurance Paid

DAF - Delivered at Frontier

DCP - Freight or Carriage Paid

DDP - Delivery Duty Paid

DEPB - Duty Exemption Pass Book

DES - Duty Exemption Scheme

DGFF - Director General of Foreign Trade

DTA - Domestic Tariff Area

ECGC - Export Credit and Guarantee Corporation of India Limited

EEFC Accounts - Exchange Earners Foreign Currency Accounts

EHTP - Electronics Hardware Technology Park

EIAs - Export Inspections Agencies

EIC - Export Inspection Council

EOU - Export Oriented Unit

EPC - Export Promotion Council

EPCG Scheme - Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme

EPZs - Export Processing Zones

FAS - Free Alongside Ship

FEDAI - Foreign Exchange Dealers Association of India

FlEO - Federation of Indian Export Organisations

FOB - Free on Board

FOR - Free on Rail

FOT - Free on Truck

ICA - Indian Council of Arbitration

ICC - International Chamber of Commerce

ICD - Inland Container Depots

IEC - Importer Exporter Code Number

I1FT - Indian Institute of foreign Trade

IIP - Indian institute of Packaging

IPQC - In-Process Quality Control

ISO - International Standards Organisation

ITPO - Indian Trade Promotion Organisation

LOC - Letter of Credit

MDA - Marketing Development Assistance

NFE - Net Foreign Exchange

PCFC - Preshipment Credit in Foreign Currency

QBAL - Quantity-Based Advance Licence

RCMC - Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate

SIL - Special Import Licences

STP - Software Technology Park

TQM - Total Quality Management

UCPDC - Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credit

YBAL - Yalue-Based Advance Licence

WWEPC - Wool and Woolen Export Promotion Council

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