Abbreviations of
Commercial Terms

Abbreviations of Commercial Terms :

Abbreviations of Commercial Terms :

Al = first-class

acct. or a/c = account

ad. or adv. = advertisement

Agt. = agent

amt. = amount

a. m. or A. M. = ante meridian

Assn. or Assoc. = association

Assist. or Asst. = assistant

Atty. = attorney

Ave. or Av. = Avenue

bal. = balance

bbl. or brl. = barrel

bdl.= bundle

bg. = bag

bkt. = basket

B/L = bill of lading

Bs/L = bills of lading

Bldg. = building

bot. = bought

Boul. or Blvd. = Boulevard

Bro. = brother

Bros. = brothers

brot. = brought

bu. = bushel

bu. or bus. = bushels

bx. = box

c, or ct. = cent or cents

C.= hundred

c/o = care

C. O. D. = cash (or collect) on delivery

Cor. Sec. = Corresponding Secretary

C. P. A. = Certified Public Accountant

Cr. = credit or creditor

cwt. = hundredweight

Dept. = department

doz. = dozen

Dr. = debit or debtor

ea. = each

et al. = et alii (and others)

etc. or &c. = et cetera (and so forth)

Exch. = exchange

f. o. b. = free on board

ford. = forward

ft. = foot, feet

gal. = gallon

G. F. A. = General Freight Agent

G. P. A. = General Passenger Agent

gro. or gr. = gross

hf. orhlf.= half

hhd. = hogshead

h. p. = horsepower

hr. = hour

i. e. = id est (that is)

in. = inch

inst. = instant (this month)

int. = interest

mv. = mvoice

invt. = inventory

Jr. or jr. = junior

kg. = keg

lb. = pound

Ltd. = limited

M.= thousand

mdse. = merchandise

mem. or memo. = memorandum

Mfg. = manufacturing

Mgr. = Manager

mo. = month

N. B. =nota bene (note well)

No. or no. = number

O. K. =all correct

oz. = ounce

oz. or ozs. = ounces

payt. = payment

pc. = piece

pk. = peck

pkg. = package

p. m. or P. M. = post meridian

P. 0.= post office

pr. = pair

Pres. = President

Prin. = Principal

prox. = proximo (next month)

P. S. = postscript

pt. = pint

qr. = quire

qt. = quart

reed. = received

Rec. Sec. = Recording Secretary

r. p. m. = revolutions per minute

R. R. = railroad

Ry. = railway

Sec. = Secretary

S"r. or sr. = senior

Supt. = Superintendent

St. = Street

Treas. = Treasurer

ult. = ultimo (last month)

Vice-Pres. = Vice-President

viz. = videlicit (namely, to wit)

wk. = week

vs. or V. = versus (against)

W/B or W. B. = waybill

W/Bs. = waybills

yd. = yard

yr. = year

Note — The plural of most abbreviations is formed by adding s to the singular; as, lb., lbs.; yd., yds.; pc, pes.; bg., bgs.; pkg., pkgs.

Abbreviations of Commercial Terms :

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