Administrative Cover Letters

Administrative Cover Letters :

Harry mentions "opportunities ... for income growth" in his letter. In most cases, you are better off saying nothing about salary or income. The topic of money at this stage is a turn-off to many employers.

However, being a stockbroker is like being a salesman. In the particular case of sales, a desire for significant earnings is an attraction to employers, rather than a turn-off.

Could this letter be a prototype for letters to other brokerage firms?

Yes, indeed. Harry would need to change only the references to the specific brokerage firm.

Some people start by developing a succinct theme and then play it out in the course of their letter. Others develop a plan on the specifics of what they will highlight, reframe or add. In either case, sketching a short plan before you begin to write will make your letter more effective.

A note about confidentiality and references

One thought to keep in mind while looking for a new job is to keep your current one. For many people, keeping their job search secret is another priority. If you are in that situation, I encourage you to request discretion by indicating that you are writing in confidence.

"I am writing to indicate my interest in exploring a position as a member of your finance staff. Because I am currently employed, I request that you keep this correspondence in the strictest confidence."

"I am writing to you in the strictest confidence. Recently, I heard at a meeting of the Underwriters Association of greater Boston that you may be looking to add an experienced professional to your staff. Let me tell you a little about what I can bring to your firm."

As a general rule, it is not in your interest to include references with your letter unless they are explicitly requested. That situation is most likely to arise in response to a newspaper ad or a posting on the Web. Your last paragraph could refer to your references in this way….

"As you requested, I have enclosed a list of references, Please let me know if you would like any additional information."

"The list of references you requested is enclosed. Because of the confidential nature of my job search, please call me before contacting any of them."

If the ad gives only a box number and not a name, I suggest not sending recommendations at all. If the employer will not reveal its name, don't trust it with potentially sensitive information.

We saw how to write a cover letter that adds value to your resume instead of repeating it. Two extensive examples were given showing how to highlight, reframe and add something new (such as motivation) or an important attribute that is not explicit in your resume.

We will look at other job-hunt situations where a letter may be useful or necessary.

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