Airport Mall Facility

Airport Mall Facility :

Airmail – shipping

The term airmail as a class of mail is used only in international postal service. Within the United States, the U.S. Postal Service moves all first class mail, priority mail and express mail by air where doing so will expedite delivery

Air Parcel Post – shipping

A term commonly used for priority mail which consists of first class mail weighing more than 13 ounces. Priority mail is another economical and expedited service for the shipping of parcels by air.

Airport Mall Facility = AMF – shipping

A U.S. Postal Service facility located on or ad¬jacent to an airport. AMFs are primarily engaged in the dispatch, receipt and transfer of mail directly with air car¬riers.

Air Pre-Arrival Review System = AirPARS

Canada Customs - Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS)

Air Waybill – Airbill – shipping

A shipping document used by the airlines for air freight. It is a contract for carriage that includes carrier conditions of carriage including such items as limits of lia¬bility and claims procedures. The air waybill also contains shipping instructions to airlines, a description of the com¬modity and applicable transportation charges. Air waybills are used by many truckers as through documents for coor¬dinated air/truck service.

Air waybills are not negotiable. The airline industry has ad¬opted a standard formatted air waybill that accommodates both domestic and international traffic. The standard docu¬ment was designed to enhance the application of modem computerized systems to air freight processing for both the carrier and the shipper

Airworthiness Certification – shipping

Documentation to show that an aircraft or com¬ponents comply with all the airworthiness requirements related to its use as laid down by the regulatory authorities for the country in which the aircraft is registered.

Aksjeselskap = AS – Norway

Designation for a joint stock company with lim¬ited personal liability to shareholders.

Aktiebolag = AB - Finland, Sweden

Designation for a joint stock company with limited personal liability to shareholders.

Aktiengeseiischaft = AG - Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein

Designa¬tion for a joint stock company with limited personal liabil¬ity to shareholders

Aktieselskab = A/S – Denmark

Designation for a joint stock company with limited personal liability to shareholders

Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms = ATF

Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms

Alienable – law

The capacity to be transferred or conveyed. Interests in real or personal property, for example, are alienable.

Aliquot – law

A fractional share. A court, for example, may award damages aliquot against several parties who breached a contract, meaning that each must pay a proportionate share of the damages. Aliquot liability differs from joint and several liabilities in that the latter refers to whether the breaching parties may be sued and held liable together or individually

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