Airway Bill

Airway Bill :

The receipt issued by an airline company or its agent for carriage of goods is called airway bill or air consignment note. It is not a document of title and it is not issued in a negotiable form. The goods are delivered to the consignee mentioned in the AWB after identifying himself as the party named in the airway bill as consignee / receiver against payment of charges, if any… It is therefore, desirable to consign the goods in the name of a foreign correspondent bank as it will enable you to retain the control over goods until the payment is made / documents are accepted for payment.

The airway bill consists of three originals and six to eleven copies. It is a non-negotiable document. Original 1 (Green) is retained by the carrier issuing the AWB for accounting purposes. Original 2 (Pink) accompanies the consignment to final destination. Original 3 (Blue) is given to shipper as proof of receipt of the goods for shipment.

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