Alternative Marine Power

Alternative Marine Power :

Alongside – shipping

A phrase referring to the side of a ship, (a) Goods to be delivered “alongside” are to be placed on the dock or lighter within reach of the transport ship’s tackle so that they can be loaded aboard the ship, (b) Goods delivered to the port of embarkation, but without loading fees.

Alternative Marine Power = AMP

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Alternative Tariff – shipping

A tariff containing two or more rates from and to the same points, on the same goods, with authority to use the one which produces the lowest charge.

Amendment – law / general

An addition, deletion, or change in a legal document.

Amendment – banking / letters of credit

A change in the terms and condi¬tions of a letter of credit (e.g., extension of the letter of credit’s validity period, shipping deadline, etc.), usually to meet the needs of the seller. The seller requests an amend¬ment of the buyer who, if he agrees, instructs his bank (the is¬suing bank) to issue the amendment. The issuing bank informs the seller’s bank (the advising bank) who then noti¬fies the seller of the amendment. In the case of irrevocable letters of credit, amendments may only be made with the agreement of all parties to the transaction. See letter of credit.

American Arbitration Association

A private not-for-profit organization formed in 1926 to en¬courage the use of arbitration in the settlement of disputes. Contact: American Arbitration Association; 1633 Broad¬way, Floor 10; New York, New York 10019; Tel: [1] (212) 716-5800; Fax: [1] (212) 716-5905 - arbitration.

American Association of Exporters and Importers

A trade association which advises members of leg¬islation regarding importing and exporting, and fights against protectionism. Also hosts seminars and confer¬ences for importers and exporters. Contact: American As¬sociation of Exporters and Importers; 1050 17th Street, NW, Suite 810; Washington, DC 20036; Tel: [1] (202) 857-8009; Fax: [1] (202) 857-7843

American Institute in Taiwan

A nonprofit corporation that represents U.S. interests in Taiwan in lieu of an embassy. In 1979, the United States terminated for¬mal diplomatic relations with Taiwan when it recognized the People’s Republic of China as the sole legal government of Tai¬wan. The AIT was authorized to continue commercial, cultural and other relations between the U.S. and Taiwan. Contact : American Institute in Taiwan; 7, Section 3, Lane 134, Hsin Yi Road; Taipei, 10659, Taiwan; Tel: [886] (2) 2162-2000

American National Standards

A set of product standards established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) - American Na¬tional Standards Institute - International Standards Organization

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