Amazing Cover Letter

Amazing Cover Letter :

David had followed his warm contacts to tepid contacts who were in the profession of interest to him. Typical of job-seekers, his meeting with John Giraldi was not the only one he arranged. Still, David remembered my suggestion that he should cast his net even wider. When he was prepared to reach out to cold contacts, he and I discussed his next step.

I am learning a lot from my tepid contacts. Why bother with cold contacts? That seems like more work with an uncertain payoff.

There are several advantages to expanding your network….

More contacts mean more insight from professionals and a greater possibility of job leads.

Sometimes tepid contacts can fall into a limited set of industries or firm sizes. You want to get the most varied exposure possible.

The process of trying to arrange cold contacts is good practice for an outreach campaign.

I got the advantage, but how would I go about it?

Lot's identify sources.

Firms within commuting radius to your residence or your college

Membership lists from professional associations

Your tepid contacts in the field may be willing to share their membership lists with you. If not, check the Encuclopedio of Associations to find the association's home office. They may be able to help you.

Join a professional association that will plug you into a discussion of the latest issues, help show your seriousness and give you a membership list of your own. These people can then be approached for information based on a common bond. A typical fee for a professional association is $30 to $50. This is a small investment that can pay major dividends.

Should l just call my prospective cold contacts?

It's much better to write a letter first. Your letter will increase the possibility of getting a "Yes, I'll meet with you" response when you telephone.

David proceeded to write a cold contact letter.

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