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Answer Interview Job Question :

Wear suits if you’re being interviewed for more senior positions or for employment in multinational firms, larger companies or for sales / service positions. If you are wearing a suit for an interview, wear dark blue or dark grey - plain or patterned (pinstripes but not checks). Avoid light-coloured suits. They often do not project a very professional image. If you are short and want to appear taller, buy suits with vertical pin or chalk stripes.

Wear three-button suits. Avoid double-breasted jackets. They add width rather than height. On the other hand, if you want to look shorter, emphasise on horizontal lines. If you are on the heavy side and want to look thinner, choose dark colours or pinstripes.

If it is a relatively junior position that you are being interviewed for, it is not necessary to wear a suit. The trousers you wear should reflect some professionalism. The colours I suggest are black, blue or dark grey. The trousers should be well-cut and not be baggy. You should also ensure that the pockets are not stuffed as that would make them bulge.

You should wear dress shirts, preferably cotton and crumple-free. Shirts should be lighter than the suit and the tie darker than the shirt. White shirts are more formal than coloured ones. Shirts in pale colours are more formal than those in bold or bright colours. Solid colours are more formal than patterns. I would recommend a white or light-coloured shirt for a business interview. It should match the suit / trousers. Shirts must be long-sleeved.

Short-sleeved shirts relegate one to the second rung. There are many options available as far as collars are concerned. There are buttoned-down, cutaway, pointed, round and many others.

Collars should preferably be the standard or buttoned-down ones. Round collars are not appropriate for business. Cutaway collars are the most popular. Button-down collars are usually considered more casual than cutaway.

Cuffs can be single or double and should extend beyond the jacket sleeve for smartness. You should wear cufflirfks whenever possible. These should be tasteful and not be very large or unwieldy.

Cufflinks tend to send a powerful message. The ideal ones are gold or silver cufflinks or those embedded with precious or semi-precious stones.

Ties very often reflect the man. The tie must be darker than the shirt and match the suit/trousers. It should be silk or polyester that looks like silk. Americans favour bright yellow ties with either red or blue patterns. It sends out the message that the wearer is aggressive and aware. A muted tie on the other hand suggests conservatism and dependability. I recommend a tie that blends with the suit, adds a dash of colour but is not flamboyant. Avoid flashy ties. An interview is not the time to prove how much of an individualist you are.

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