Answering Interview Questions

Answering Interview Questions :

No one can make goals for you. It comes down to where you are in your professional life and what you want to do.

Do not sound conceited or over-ambitious while answering. That can go against you. In one interview I sat in, a smart MBA was asked where he hoped to be in five years. The interviewee fairly brashly stated that he expected to be on the board of directors. This was a highly respected public limited company and while it recognised and rewarded talent, it was• unprepared for this (which it took to be presumptuous). The MBA was not offered the job.

Your career goals must be achievable and logical. Do your research into the organisation and into what you truly want to do in the future. Do not make a point of having goals that cannot be realised in the organisation you are interviewing for.

And finally, no one is going to come back to you in five years and punish you for not meeting these goals. It is only an interview and they are interested in finding out how you see yourself.

Change of Job / Job-hopping

While they understand you want to move on and up, employers are keen that you remain for some time. This is because they often invest a lot on an employee - in training, time and money - and it is natural to want to reap the rewards. D.K. Jain - Chairman and President of Luxor Writing Instruments Private Limited - says: "If the CV shows the candidate has changed too many jobs, that's a problem area for me. Changing jobs may be a way of life but it takes away the focus from work. It's imperative to work on a particular assignment for at least three - four years."

Here are some questions that are asked when employers want to satisfy themselves that you intend to remain with the company (if offered the position) for some time.

1. Why do you want to leave your current job?

2. What prompted you to leave this job after only four months?

3. What is the most attractive aspect of the job you are interviewing for?

4. What part of the job that you are interviewing for do you look forward to the most?

5. What part of the job that you are interviewing for do you look forward to the least?

6. What aspect of our organisation has the greatest appeal for you?

7. How will the job you're interviewing for fit into your career plans?

8. Why did you choose this profession and this specific job?

9. What are you seeking from this job?

10. What challenges do you think you will face in moving from your current position to this one?

11. Why have you changed jobs so often?

12. You have been in your present job for only a year. Why did you want to move?

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