Answers to Interview Questions

Answers to Interview Questions :

Initiative :

Describe a situation in which you recognised a potential problem as an opportunity. What did you do? Employers are now looking for self-starters and those who can take a task to a successful conclusion.

Decision-making : Managers need to make decisions. Hence employers will need to know whether you can make them. In this, they do not expect perfection all the time. Employers are more interested in your ability to cope, to learn from mistakes and to deal with others who are less than perfect. If you have an example, speak of it and how you arrived at the decision you made. It does not matter if it did not achieve the desired result. What matters is whether the thinking process was logical and a decision was made.

Some of the questions that can be asked to probe your ability to take decisions areā€¦

1. Tell us about a decision you had to make. How did you arrive at it?

2. Tell us what decision you would take in the situation that is detailed.

You are the sales manager. You have to decide on whether to promote one of your subordinates. Subordinate A is 30, very aggressive and competent but a little brash.

Subordinate B is 40. He is also competent but not aggressive. He is, on the other hand, very polished. Whom would you choose and why?

Team Play :

All employees must work together as a team towards one common direction. When that happens, growth is faster. Otherwise employees work at cross-purposes and there is duplication and negativity.

Probing questions will be asked on your ability to work as part of a team. These include....

What are the characteristics of a successful team?

Tell us about an unsuccessful team of which you were a member. What, if anything, could you have done differently?

Tell us about a successful team of which you were a member. What was the most outstanding characteristic of that team? What did you contribute?

What are the important qualities that a person should have to become an effective team member?

What qualities do you have that make you an effective team player?

Do you work better by yourself or as part of a team?

What can you contribute to establish a positive working environment for our team?

What type of people do you work best with?

Name some of the pitfalls to be avoided in building an effective team.

What actions can a supervisor take to establish teamwork in the organisation?

What are the advantages, if any, of establishing team goals as opposed to individual goals?

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