Answers to Job Interview Questions

Answers to Job Interview Questions :


The accumulated stress shows in your breathing. The more stressed you are, the more shallow your breathing becomes. Take several time-outs each day to do power breathing exercises. Let your mind go and breathe in and out - from your lower abdomen - for three full minutes at a time. Then watch your energy be revitalised. Your skin and eyes will look refreshed. And your posture will return to a power position. After you are seated, breathe deeply and calm yourself.


Try to assess the interviewers - their type and what they may be looking for. Some of them may state this upfront. Most won’t. You are at the interview for a position. Therefore, it is in your best interest to anticipate and then react appropriately.

Interviewers often have a predetermined image of the person they require. Listen to hints and nuances. You should try and fit into that image.


Finally, this is the moment of truth. The interviewers will ask you some questions and expect you to answer these. How should you speak?

Think before you speak. Whatever you say must be sensible. Blabbing whatever comes into your head won’t do you muchgood.

Speak clearly. The interviewers must be able to understand what you are saying.

If you haven’t understood a question, ask the interviewer to repeat it. There is no harm in that.

If you need a moment to think before answering, ask the interviewer for some time. It will not be held against you.

You should speak in the right tone.

You should demonstrate a good command over the language and use the appropriate words at the right time.

You should talk normally - not in a high or very low pitch.

You should not mumble.

You should not use slang or swear words.

You should not talk too fast. The interviewers need to hear you and understand what you are saying.

Some have a tendency to use YOU KNOW. Don’t. The interviewer may not know.

You should not be conceited or pompous.

You should not cover your mouth while talking. That suggests you are lying.

You must be sincere and that must come through while you are speaking. Do not lie to get around a sticky situation. You will get caught.

Speak with a smile on your face. It will make you appear more acceptable.

You must contain yourself as they can be distracting and irritating. You may be unaware of these habits. Ask someone who knows you well to observe and conect you.

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