Antidumping Duty Deposit

Antidumping Duty Deposit :

Antidumping Duty - customs

Duty assessed on imported merchandise of a class or kind that is sold at a price less than the fair market value. Fair market value of merchandise is defined as the price at which it is normally sold in the manufacturer’s home market – dumping - countervailing duties

Antidumping Duty Deposit - U.S. Customs

A cash deposit of estimated antidumping duties collected by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at the time new customs entries are made for im¬ports of products from countries for which the U.S. Inter¬national Trade Administration (ITA) has issued an antidumping duty order. The actual amount of duty paid is determined at liquidation. See antidumping duty, liquida¬tion.

Antidumping Petition - customs

A claim filed on behalf of a U.S. industry alleg¬ing that imported merchandise is being sold in the United States at “less than fair value,” and that sales of such mer¬chandise is causing or threatening injury to, or retarding the establishment of a U.S. industry. See dumping; coun¬tervailing duties.

Any Quantity - shipping

A cargo rating that applies to an article regard¬less of weight (i.e., in any quantity)

Apparent Good Order and Condition - shipping

A statement, on a bill of lading or other ship¬ping document, indicating that the shipment is available for shipment or delivery with no apparent damage.

Customs Appraiser - U.S. Customs

An individual authorized by U.S. Customs & Border Protection (Department of Homeland Security) to examine and determine the value of imported merchandise.

Appreciation - foreign exchange

An increase in the value of the cur¬rency of one nation in relation to the currency of another nation.

Approval Basis – banking / letters of credit

If documents containing dis¬crepancies are presented to the nominated bank under a letter of credit, the bank can forward the documents to the issuing bank for approval, with the beneficiary’s agree¬ment. Because of the risk of loss in transit and delays re¬sulting in interest loss, however, it is recommended that the beneficiary first try to correct the documents; but, if that is not possible, the beneficiary asks the nominated bank to contact the issuing bank for authorization to ac¬cept the discrepancies.

Approved Merchandise – shipping / insurance

Goods that are not particularly sus¬ceptible to loss, either by reason of their nature or because they are well packed. This term embraces practically all manufactured articles or new merchandise.



Apron - shipping

The area of an airport where aircraft are parked for loading and unloading of cargo or passengers

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