Ancillary – logistics

Supplemental or additional - For example, an ancillary charge

Ancillary Equipment – shipping

Equipment used to build up a palletized load or to convey a unit load device outside an aircraft. See air¬craft pallet

Andean Trade Initiative = ATI – obsolete

A former U.S. government initiative providing for assistance for alternative economic development to the drug producing countries of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru…The program provided ten years of duty-free treatment for most goods produced in one or a combina¬tion of these four countries

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service = APHIS - U.S. government

A U.S. government agency attached to the U.S. Department of Agriculture which has the respon¬sibility of Lrpecting and certifying animals, plants and re¬lated products or import to or export from the United States. APHIS is also responsible for the inspection of ani¬mal and plant pr oduct processing facilities both in the United States and in countries that export to the United States. Contact: U.S. Department of Agriculture: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service; 4700 River Road, Unit 84; Riverdale, MD 20737-1234 USA, Tel: [!] (3011 734-7833; Fax: [1] (301) 734-4978 - phytosanitary inspection certificate

Animal Containers – shipping

The use of air freight as a means of transporting household pets led to the development of special contain¬ers designed to provide adequate protection and air circu¬lation. Such containers may be purchased or rented from many air carriers

Animal Health Certificate

A document provided by a government or non-govern¬ment certifying authority stating that an animal or animals have been visually or comprehensively tested and have been found free of evidence of disease and pests except as noted. Animal health certificates are usually required for the importation or exportation of animals (pets, zoo ani¬mals, circus animals, food animals, breeding stock, etc.)

Annual Basis – accounting

Statistical shifting of data that are for a pe¬riod less than 12 months in order to estimate the full re¬sults for an entire year. To be accurate the processing should consider the effect of the seasonal variation.


American National Standards Institute

ANSI 12 – logistics / data interchange

The most widely accepted standards for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) in the United States - American National Standards Institute, EDI, UN/EDIFACT

Antidumping – customs

Antidumping, as a reference to the system of laws to remedy dumping, is defined as the converse of dumping. See dumping; antidumping duties; General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade; Antidumping Act of 1974

Antidumping Act of 1974 - U.S. law

Legislation designed to prevent the sales of goods at a lower price than exists in the goods’ country or origin. The U.S. Treasury Department determines whether imported products are being sold at a “less than fair value” in the United States. Should it be determined that the do¬mestic industry is harmed by the imports, extra duties can be imposed. See countervailing duties; dumping

Antidumping / Countervailing Duty System - U.S. Customs

A part of the U.S, Customs’ Automated Commercial System, containing a case reference database and a statistical reporting system to capture data for Inter¬national Trade Commission reports on antidumping and countervailing duties assessed and paid – dumping - countervailing duties

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