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Appraisal Quality :

Accelerated Commercial Release Operation Support System (ACROSS)

A Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) electronic data interchange (EDI) system that al¬lows traders and brokers to file documents and transfer data to the CCRA 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The systern increases efficiency, decreases paperwork and speeds the release of shipments from Canada Customs. Shipment release information is provided to the CBSA through a computer to computer transmission rather than being sub¬mitted in a hard copy format on paper.

Under ACROSS, releases may be submitted in one of two methods, pre-arrival (PARS) or post-arrival and in any one of three following formats. The two most common cargo and release services, Release on Minimum Documentation (RMD) and Appraisal Quality Release (AQ) are available through ACROSS. The Frequent Importer Release System (FIRST), however, is not currently supported by the system.

1. R.M.D. Data : R.M.D. data describes basic shipment in¬formation such as who the goods were purchased by, to whom are they going, who are they from, when they shipped, the number of pieces, a general description of the goods imported (often times for enforcement pur¬poses Customs will reject the release and ask for a better description) and a total value. Other basic information is also required.

2. Appraisal Quality : Appraisal quality release data re¬quires the transmission of the complete Canada Customs Invoice along with other basic data elements such as the transaction number, etc.

3. Appraisal Quality with H.S. : The third type of release is appraisal quality with the Harmonized System tariff number attached. This is beneficial, when the importer, exporter and carrier of the goods all have good compli¬ance records and have been approved by Customs for machine release.

Accelerated Tariff Elimination

The gradual reduction of import duties over time. Accelerated tariff elimination is often a feature of free trade agreements. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is an example of a trade agreement with accelerated tariff elimination.


(a) An unconditional assent to an offer

(b) An as¬sent to an offer conditioned on only minor changes that do not affect any material terms of the offer

(c) Receipt by the consignee of a shipment thus terminating the common carrier liability

(d) A time draft (bill of exchange) on the face of which the drawee has written accepted over his signa¬ture. The date and place payable are also indicated. The person accepting the draft is known as the acceptor.

Note : The drawee’s signature alone is a valid acceptance and is usually made across the left margin of the bill of ex¬change.

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