Average Freight Rate Assessment

Average Freight Rate Assessment :

Average Freight Rate Assessment = AFRA - shipping

The average transportation cost per ton for a given month for vessels in different size categories as established by the London Tanker Brokers’ Panel. AFRA and its Terms of Reference were originally created by Shell Oil Company and then BP (British Petroleum) as a means of establishing internal rates for charging affiliates for the transport of crude oil and petroleum products. Shell and BP ceased their spon¬sorship of AFRA in 1982. Since that time the London Tanker Brokers’ Panel has compiled the AFRA based upon known transportation agreements concluded on the open market. AFRA is recognized by the tax authorities of many countries for pricing of intra-company oi 1 movements.

The six AFRA Rate Categories are...

General Purpose 16,500-24,999 dwt

Medium Range 25,000-44,900 dwt

Large Range 1 45,000-79,999 dwt

Large Range 2 80,000-159,999 dwt

VLCC 160,000-319,999 dwt, and VLCC 320,000-549,999 dwt.

Avoirdupois - measure

(a) French for having weight

(b) A system of weight measurement based on the pound of 16 ounces and the ounce of 16 drams

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