Bareboat Charter

Bareboat Charter :

Bar Code - logistics

A series of precisely printed parallel lines and spaces of varying widths used to represent data when “read” by a bar code scanner. Bar codes are used in many applications in industry to identify products, shipping units, assets, locations and services at every stage in the logistics chain. The most commonly seen are the EAN barcodes printed on virtually every commercially distrib¬uted product in the world from books to packaged food. If you have a World Trade Press edition of this book (all are published by World Trade Press, but thousands are sold in bulk with custom covers), you will see two bar codes on the lower right comer of the back cover. The one on the left identifies the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) while the one on the right identifies the price - bar code character - bar code scanner - European Article Number Association International (EAN)

Bar Code Scanner - logistics

A computer data input device designed to opti¬cally read the bars and spaces of a printed bar code and send the data to a computing device. Bar code scanners are used extensively in the entire logistics chain and can be stationary (as at most supermarket cash registers), or por¬table (as used by the major courier services at package pick-up) - bar code, bar code character

Bareboat Charter - shipping

A charter of a vessel where the charter party has the right to use his own master and crew on the vessel

Barge - shipping

(a) A flatbottom marine vessel with or without propulsion, designed to carry dry or liquid bulk cargoes or heavy loads, especially on inland waterways

(b) Amarine vessel without propulsion, designed to carry equipment, supplies, cranes and support and accommodation bases in offshore drilling, or as submarine pipe-laying vessels

(c) A narrow, shallow draft vessel, with or without propul¬sion, designed to carry cargo on canals and inland water¬ways. The width of the vessel was designed to fit within existing canal locks. The earliest barges were horse drawn

Note : small vessels with propulsion that transport cargo between ship and shore are known as lighters

Barratry - shipping

The willful misconduct of ship’s master or crew including theft, intentional casting away of vessel, or any breach of trust with dishonest intent.


The direct exchange of goods for other goods without the use of money as a medium of exchange and without the involvement of a third party – countertrade

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