Basic Cover Letter

Basic Cover Letter :

Lauren asked me what is meant by small business and large business and how much job growth has there actually been. This is a sununary of what I told her.

Generally, a firm with 500 or more employees is considered to be a big" business. Since about 15,000 U.S. firrns meet that defmition, big obviously includes more than the Fortune 500. A business employing 25,000 or more people we might call very big.

Small" business is often broken into three statistical categories we could think of in this way. Very small - 1 to 19 employees

Medium small - 20 to 99 employees

Large small - 100 to 499 employees

Growth v. downsizing - Business Week reported these startling facts.

Very small firms accounted for 57 percent of expected job growth (hat's 57 percent of 2.1 million jobs).

An additional 23 percent of the expected job growth was accounted for by medium small firms.

Three times as many very big businesses anticipated layoffs as anticipated adding jobs.

There was a decrease of 2.4 million jobs in big businesses. In the same period, employment rose by 4.4 million in very small businesses and by 1.4 million more in medium small businesses.

Anthony asked the next logical question: "We learned how to access big business from Gabrielle's experience," he said, "but what sources can we use to identify and then research small business?"

I suggested to Anthony three good sources.

Chambers of commerce

Trade associations

Articles in the local press

Across the world there are hundreds of local business organizations carrying the name chamber of commerce. These chambers exist for the purpose of fostering business and you can find them even in relatively small towns.

Let's say you wanted to explore employment opportunities in the town of Chicopee - Massachusetts (population 55,000). The Chicopee Chamber of Commerce will provide job-seekers access to a reference book identifying 900 employers in the area! The reference is easy to use, indicating the size and line of business of each employer. A very few will be large firms, like Spalding Sports Worldwide. Many will be so small, such as "Joe's Luncheonette," that you will see scant opportunity there.

The cover letter adds to your attractiveness as a candidate in three ways.

Highlighting : You can give those positive characteristics of greatest interest to a particular employer more prominence in the cover letter than you did in your resume.

Reframing : Through your cover letter, you can put some of your experiences in a frame of reference that more closely meets the needs of the employer.

New material : Your cover letter can include material of interest to an employer that would be difficult to present in a resume. Your motivation for wanting to work for that particular company is an example.

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