Basics Interview Questions

Basics Interview Questions :

What do you know about our organization?

This is where your preparation is required as the information will change with every interview. Make sure you have all praises for the organization. Show how you are impressed with their working and growth. Remember to mention how you are truly looking forward to work with them.

Is traveling for work fine with you?

There is absolutely no point in saying yes to this answer when in reality you’d prefer to sit at home. The best way to deal with this situation is to quiz them about how much travel is expected from you and answer accordingly. If necessary you can always say that if required you do not have any issues considering it.

Do you have issues in relocating?

This an extremely personal question as it differs from person to person, as a lot of people have family concerns while some just do not prefer the idea to relocate. The only suggestion here would be not to give dead ended answers. You can simply mention your preference and say that you can always think about relocating if an interesting offer is made.

What would you prefer - a better job or better remuneration?

The best way to answer this question would be by saying that the most important thing is to enjoy your work. A high remuneration cannot help if you do not enjoy your work. A right amount of remuneration is also required as it helps in paying your bills.

What kind of a supervisor would you prefer?

While answ ering this question, do not sound very demanding. Tell the interviewer that you can work with any supervisor. All you require is that he is willing to understand your point of view and gives ample space to come up with new innovative ideas to do your work.

What would you do if you are not able to mingle with a colleague?

The answer for this question is simple. Tell the interviewer that you understand the difference between personal and professional life. If there is any difference, there is nothing personal about it. In a situation like this, you would prefer to resolve the problem in a complete professional manner.

What would you do if a number of things are required to be done by you?

Talk about your talent of multi-tasking here. Say that you never fear a huge amount of work. Work always provides knowledge and experience. Hence the superfluous you work, the more you shall learn.

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