Behavioural Interview Questions and Answers

Behavioural Interview Questions and Answers :

What did you like / dislike about your last job?

Most interviews start with a preamble by the interviewer about his company. Pay attention. This information will help you answer the question. In fact, any statement the interviewer makes about the job or corporation can be used to your advantage.

So in answer, you liked everything about your last job. You might even say your company taught you the importance of certain keys from the business profile, achievement profile or professional profile.

Criticising a previous employer is a warning flag that you could be a problem employee. No one intentionally takes trouble on board and that is what’s behind the question. Keep your answers short and positive. You are only allowed one negative about past employers and only then if your interviewer has a hot button about his department or company - if so, you will have written it down on your notepad in which case the only thing your past employer could not offer was, for example…. The ability to contribute more in different areas in the smaller environment you have here. I really liked everything about the job.

The reason I want to leave is to find a position where I can make a greater contribution. You see, I work for a big company that is encouraging increasing specialisation of skills. The smaller environment you have here will, as I said, allow me to contribute far more in different areas. Tell them what they want to hear. Replay the hot button.

Of course, if you interview with a large company, turn it around….”I work for a small company and don’t get the time to specialize in one or two major areas . . .’ Then replay the hot button.

Have you ever faced a problem with your supervisor / instructor?

Never answer this question directly. You can say that you did not exactly have a problem but you did have a slight debate with your supervisor once. Carefully explain the situation keeping in mind that you don’t come across as a rude person with bad attitude. Conclude your answer by confirming that it was a healthy professional debate and you both understood that there is nothing personal about it.

What besides your duties did you provide to your previous organization?

By asking this question, the interviewer is trying to understand your interest towards development. The ideal way can be by describing a new helping pattern and you had set for the improvement of quality and quantity of work in your previous organization.

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  • Related Links : Behavioural Interview Questions and Answers