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Best Free Resume Builder : Many people could easily identify the good points in others, but find that hard to do about themselves. They feel uncomfortable.

Knowing Yourself Better

I am not encouraging you to be cocky and arrogant and tell the whole world how wonderful you are! I simply want us to look honestly and positively at…

Who we are.

What we have done.

What we are capable of doing.

We take ourselves, our abilities, qualities, attributes and strengths for granted. In esigning your own CV, I believe you will see that we are not simply going through the motions of an academic, one-off exercise, but something much more important. But keep in mind that you have to mention those relvant creamy sides of your character in your resume.

There are few good points in all of us. We have to identify those points and highlight them in our resume. By highlighting the positive side of our character, we become a self-satisfied person. We have to bring the best of ourselves to the fron to keep them as our face. Our resume is the best place to place our creamy side into words. How you see yourself is vital. So many of us suffer from low self esteem and therefore fail to fulfil our potential. How we communicate ourselves to the outside world is also vitally important. A CV is just one way we do that. So work through this book and in doing so, invest some time in shaping your life. At the same time, we should see to it that we should not unduly highlight the points which are not substantial. In case you have any doubt about your positive sides, yopu had better take your close friends into confidence and seek their advices for identifying those sweet sides.

Write out your own definition of the purpose of a CV?

In what ways is a CV different from an application form?

List five uses for a CV.

What are the most common mistakes people make in compiling a CV?

Complete the sentence : It is not how good the product is that determines its success, but....

Points to consider : Best Free Resume Builder

• How do you feel about having to sell yourself?

• Why is it that we find it difficult to feel good about ourselves?

• What motivated you to buy this book?

• Should CVs be written by ourselves or left to the so-called experts?

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