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Best Interview Answers :

Hairstyle :

Your hairstyle must be relevant to your lifestyle and what you do. It should suit your face and body shape. If you are fat and with a plump face, you should not sport a crewcut. Similarly if you have a long thin face, your style should not make your face look even longer. What you should do is get professional advice on what style suits you, the best products to use and the like.

Hair should not cover your eyes. It gives the impression that you may be trying to hide something.

Some aspects that are worth remembering are…

• Men in traditional sectors should not have hair that hangs over their shoulders.

• It is not businesslike for women with long hair to let it hang loose.

• Short hairstyles are more flattering for women over 40.

• Men with long hair, as they grow older, should ensure that they do not look like aging hippies.

• You should add or remove width or height to your hair to balance it with the rest of your body.

• If you have thinning hair or a bald patch, do not brush a few strands to disguise it.

• Women often colour their hair. The colour should provide a flattering contrast to the complexion. Otherwise do not colour your hair.

In short, your hair should be clean and styled. It should not be long. The scruffy look has no place in an office. I also suggest that you don't sport wild styles and colours. These shout immaturity and frivolity. Employers expect to see respectability and dependability.

Sideburns :

Men should keep their sideburns level with the middle of their ears or shorter. Longer sideburns are often associated with certain kinds of actors, con men and playboys.

Eyebrows :

You may have bushy eyebrows or very little. If you do have bushy eyebrows you should remember that they will become bushier if you do not prune them. Most men leave their eyebrows alone. My view is that you should look at your eyebrows in relation to your face and if by trimming them you can create a better image, then you should do it.

Facial hair :

Well-trimmed beards and moustaches can make a person look very dignified and mature. They can be very impressive. However, care should be taken to ensure that they are not untidy or wild as that would send the wrong messages. Avoid drooping Mexican moustaches as they suggest a gloomy, lackadaisical attitude. If you are going for an interview, you must ensure that your beard and moustaches are trimmed, well-kept and neat.

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