Bilateral Investment Treaty

Bilateral Investment Treaty :

Berne Convention - for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works

Formal name : The International Union for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. Also called the Berne Union. A part of the World Intellectual Property Organization. An in¬ternational agreement that was concluded in Berne, Swit¬zerland, by representatives of participating countries which provides copyright, patent, trademark and other intellectual property protection to countries that are signatories to the convention. See World Intellectual Property Organization; copyright; patent; trademark; service mark.

Berth – shipping / logistics

(a) The place where a ship lies secured to a wharf, pier or quay and can be loaded or unloaded of its cargo

(b) The distance or space required to safely ma¬neuver a ship

(c) The place where a truck or motor vehi¬cle is loaded or unloaded.

Besloten Vennootschap met Beperkte Aansprakelijkheid = BVBA – Belgium / Netherlands

Designation for a private limited liability corporation with limited liability to shareholders

Best Practices – management

The processes, practices, and systems ac¬knowledged as producing the best results in an industry, organization, process or sub-process. Best-practices are widely recognized as improving an organization’s overall performance and efficiency.

Bid Bond

Guarantee established in connection with international tenders. Guarantees fulfillment' of the offer, i.e. that the contract will be signed if awarded - bond; tender.

Bilateral Investment Treaty = BIT - foreign investment

A treaty between two countries with the goals of ensuring investments abroad of national or most favored nation treatment; prohibiting the imposition of performance requirements; and allowing the investor to en¬gage top management in a foreign country without regard to nationality. BITs ensure the right to make investment-re¬lated transfers and guarantee that expropriation takes place only in accordance with accepted international law. BITs also guarantee access by an investing party to impartial and binding international arbitration for dispute settlement.

Bilateral Steel Agreements - trade agreement

Agreements between governments to reduce or eliminate state intervention—that is, domestic subsidies and market barriers, in the production and sale of steel. The U.S. has negotiated ten BSAs with major steel trading partners.

Bilateral Trade - economics

The commerce between two countries

Bilateral Trade Agreement

A formal or informal agreement involving commerce be¬tween two countries. Such agreements sometimes list the quantities of specific goods that may be exchanged be¬tween participating countries within a given period.

Bill - law

(a) A written statement of contract terms

(b) A list¬ing of items in a transaction or demand

(c) A promissory obligation for the payment of money

(d) An account for goods sold, services, rendered, or work completed - bill of lading

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