Bill of Sale

Bill of Sale :

Straight Bill of Lading

A straight bill of lading indicates that the shipper will deliver the goods to the consignee. The document itself does not give title to the goods (nonnegotiable). The con¬signee need only identify himself to claim the goods. A straight bill of lading is often used when payment for the goods has been made in advance.

Shipper’s Order Bill of Lading

A shipper’s order bill of lading is a title document to the goods, issued to the order of a party, usually the shipper whose endorsement is required to effect its nego¬tiation. Because it is negotiable, a shipper’s order bill of lading can be bought, sold, or traded while goods are in transit and is commonly used for letter-of-credit transac¬tions. The buyer usually needs the original or a copy as proof of ownership to take possession of the goods.

Air Waybill

An air waybill is a form of bill of lading used for the air transport of goods and is not negotiable - air waybill for a fuller explanation.

Clean Bill of Lading

A Clean Bill of Lading is a bill of lading where the car¬rier has noted that the merchandise has been received in apparent good condition (no apparent damage, loss, etc.) and which does not bear such notations as Shipper’s Load and Count.

Claused Bill of Lading

A claused bill of lading is a bill of lading which con¬tains notations which specify deficient condition(s) of the goods and/or packaging.

Bill of Material = BOM

(a) A structured list of all the components required to produce a product

(b) A structured list of all the raw materials, ingre¬dients, parts, sub-assemblies, intermediates and components that go into making a parent assembly or finished product.

A BOM will also include the quantities, qualities, source, and stock, reference or model numbers of each component required. A BOM is typically used in conjunction with a master production schedule to plan the acquisition of all re¬quired components. In specialized industries the BOM may also be called the formula, recipe or list of ingredients.

Bill of Parcels - law

A statement that lists the descriptions and prices of goods in a parcel and that is sent to the buyer with the goods. This bill is often referred to as a packing slip.

Bill of Sale - law

A written document by which an individual or legal entity assigns or transfers title to goods to another

Bill of Sight - U.S. Customs

A document used by U.S. Customs that permits a consignee of goods to see them before paying duties

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