Black Market

Black Market :

Billed Weight - shipping

The weight shown in a waybill or freight bill.

Billing Third Party - shipping

The invoicing of transportation charges to other than shipper or consignee.

Bill-To Party - shipping

Refers to the party designated on a bill of lad¬ing as the one responsible for payment of the freight charges; this can be the shipper, freight forwarder, con¬signee, or another person.

Bimodal Trailer – trucking / railroads

A semi-trailer able to function as an on-road truck trailer with pneumatic tires, or, on railroad tracks with the deployment of a steel wheel rail assembly. In some cases the road tires retract to allow the trailer chassis (container) to mount on a pair of rail bogies. Also called a road-rail trailer.

Binder - insurance

A document certifying temporary insurance coverage. A binder is issued by an insurance company or its agent pending the issuance of an insurance policy.

Binding Decisions - U.S. Customs

A binding tariff classification ruling (decision), which can be relied upon for placing or accepting orders or for making other business determinations. May be obtained by writing to a local Customs district director. The rulings will be binding at all ports of entry unless revoked by the Customs Ser¬vice’s Office of Regulations and Rulings. Note that while the port and district offices of Customs are, for many purposes, your best sources of information, informal information ob¬tained on tariff classification is not binding.

Biological Agents

A biologically active material. Several classes of biologi¬cal agents have been identified according to their degree of pathogenic hazard, and are unilaterally controlled by various governments. In the United States applications to export certain biological agents are referred to the Depart¬ment of State and the intelligence community on a case- by-case basis.

Biomedical Materials - shipping

Items that can cause human disease (infectious/ etiological agent). (UN CLASS 6) Examples are live virus vaccines and etiologic agents. Hazards/precautions are.... may be ignited if carrier is flammable; contact may cause infection / disease and damage to outer container may not affect inner container.


The currency of Ethiopia. IBr (or 1E$)=100 cents.

Black Market

Buying or selling of products and commodities or engag¬ing in exchange of foreign currencies in violation of gov¬ernment restrictions.

Blank Back - documentation

A form that does not have the terms and conditions printed on the reverse (back) of the form. For ex¬ample, a blank back bill of lading, also called a short form bill of lading, does not have the terms and conditions of carriage printed on the reverse. Instead, they are listed in another doc¬ument. Unless otherwise stipulated in a letter of credit, a blank back bill of lading is acceptable in most transactions. Note that the more common term is short form.

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