Bundling :

Bulk Carrier - shipping

A vessel specifically designed to transport bulk cargo. There are two types of bulk carriers: those designed to transport dry bulk cargo such as grain or ore, and those designed to transport liquid bulk cargo such as oil.

Bulk Container - shipping

An ocean or air freight container designed to ship dry bulk cargo such as malt. Bulk fluid cargo such as chemi¬cals and fruit juices are shipped in tank containers. Bulk cargo such as ore, grain, and crude oil are generally shipped in spe¬cialized bulk cargo ships rather than in containers.

Bulk Freight - shipping

Freight not in packages or containers. For ex¬ample: grain, ore, timber.

Bulk Liquids - shipping

Liquid cargo shipped in intermodal tank containers.

Bulk Sale or Transfer - law

A transfer of substantially all of the inventory or prop¬erty of an enterprise to one individual or legal entity in a sin¬gle transaction not in the ordinary course of the business of the enterprise. In some countries, bulk sales and transfers are regulated by law in an effort to reduce the potential for de¬frauding creditors through this type of transaction.

Bulk Solids - shipping

Dry cargo shipped loose in containers.

Bulkhead - shipping

(a) A partition separating one part of a ship be¬tween decks from another

(b) A structure to resist the pressure of earth or water

Bundesbank - banking

Established in 1875, the central bank of Ger¬many, located in Frankfurt.

Bundling – commerce / logistics

The combining of two or more usu¬ally related products or services for sale at the same time for a single price. For example, the bundling of a computer scanner and image-manipulation software for one price.

Bunker - shipping

A compartment on a ship for storage of fuel

Bunker Adjustment Factor = BAF - shipping

An adjustment in shipping charges to offset price fluctuations in the cost of bunker fuel.

Bunker Charge

bunker adjustment factor

Bunker Fuel - shipping

The fuel used to power a ship

Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms = ATF - U.S. government

An agency of the U.S. Department of Treasury, the ATF regulates the alcohol, firearms and explo¬sives industry, ensures the collection of federal taxes im¬posed on alcohol and tobacco, investigates violations of federal firearms, explosives and tobacco laws. Contact : Bu¬reau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms - Department of the Treasury - 99 New York Avenue NE, Washington, DC 20226 USA - Tel: [1] (202) 648-8500 - Fax: [1] (202) 648-9750

Bureau of Customs

United States Customs and Border Protection

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