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Lauren had been listening closely to David's story. After years of work experience, would Lauren follow the same process as David, a recent college grad? This is what I suggested to Lauren.

When you are looking for a job, it generally makes sense to utilize all the resources that are potentially available to you. (I said generally because if you need to keep your search a secret from your current employer, you would need to be more careful.) On that basis, utilizing your warm connections and your tepid con- nections still makes sense.

Lauren's great advantage is that she already has a large number of potential networking contacts based on her coworkers, customers, suppliers and counterparts in other organizations. She may even have the fmancial resources to suggest a lunch meeting with a contact. The less formal environment of a meal may make conversation easier. In addition, the meeting will extend beyond the 15 to 30 minutes David would be scheduling.

Harry raised an interesting point…. "I am somewhere in between. Although I have been working for a number of years, I am planning to change careers, not just employers. Would my situation be different from David's or Lauren's?"

I suggested that the principles would remain the same. In terms of specific applications, Harry could benefit from joining a professional association in his anticipated new field. (David also needed to do this. Lauren probably held memberships already.) Harry needed to learn about a whole new field, Lauren needed to learn

Gaining a perspective on financial analysis

What John told David?

Challenged intellectual abilities, especially reanalyzing cause, change

Important to ask good questions of people and of the data

Financial analysts are accepted but not honored at Clip-On. This firm gives highest prestige to product development people.

Stress caused by light deadlines and incomplete information.

The intra-office politics can be intense. Everyone wants to be CFO. On the other hand, we are a friendly group. Some real social ties made.

John's perspective

Glad to have it, but not a top priority

Easier to ask the data than the people

Sometimes an aggravation - Product managers sometimes see fmancial concerns as an impediment to their creative genius.

It's a good character-builder. It comes with the territory.

John wants to be CFO…. says he will play the game.

David's perspective

I want an intellectual challenge.

My interpersonal skills are strong. That might compensate for my good….but not excellent statistical skills.

I really need to keep my mind on how similar jobs can feel different in dissimilar circumstances.

I always met deadlines in college. But I had longer lead-times. Could I stand the acid indigestion the stress would cause me?

I'm a competitive person. But I'm not as ambitious as John. Assuming I could do the work, could I also play the game? On the other hand, I am glad that there is a sense of social camaraderie there.

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