Business Cover Letter Plan Sample

Business Cover Letter Plan Sample :

The firms listed were cross-referenced in two indexes. The first was a cross-reference by geography, the second was a cross-reference by industry. Gabrielle saw that both indexes used something called an "SIC code." She learned that the SIC code grouped certain industries together and assigned each grouping a four-digit code number. For example, department stores are 5311 branches and agencies of foreign banks are 6081. Bottled and canned soft drinks and carbonated waters are 2086.

Thinking it through, Gabrielle realized that the sheer number of firms included in the directory was an asset, not an obstacle. "Let's say I want to live in Dallas - Texas," Gabrielle thought to herself. "The geographic index will tell me all the firms in Dallas that meet the directory's inclusion criteria If only a few industries are of interest to me, I can pare down the list by pulling only the relevant SIC codes."

"If a particular industry is my primary concern, I can use the industry cross-reference index," Gabrielle continued. "That's organized by SIC code first, and then by states within each code number. So if I wanted to identify department stores, for example, I could look under SIC code 5311. I could quickly include only those states of serious interest to me."

"Both cross-references give me the page number in the main part of the directory. I'll use each cross-reference to identify firms in the category I want. Then I will look in the main pages to get the information I need about each particular firm,' Gabrielle concluded.

Gabrielle decided to use department stores in Dallas as an example of identifying employers. She looked in the geographical index under Dallas, and then followed the sequence of SIC codes to 5311. Gabrielle noted the names of six department stores and the page number where information about each store could be found. Sitting a thousand miles away, Gabrielle was starting to build a list of potential employers where she wanted to live (Dallas) in a field of interest to her (retail).

Gabrielle reasoned that 'if there is one reference on a subject, there are probably others as well. Sure enough, it didn't take long for Gabrielle to find.

The Career Guide 1997
Dun's Employment Opportunities Directory
Dun & Bradstreet

"I wonder how this book is organized and if it's any different than the MDD " Gabrielle said as she read the preface pages. "After all, they come from the same publisher."

The first thing Gabrielle noted was that Career Guide is designed to ease the job search .... " This volume is more directly related to our JSC's immediate needs, Gabrielle realized. But what are the qualifications for listing? Originally, "only those leading U.S. companies having at least 1,000 employees" were included. The Career Guide should be easier to use, Gabrielle realized, in part because it would include fewer firms than the Million Dollar Directory. Gabrielle read that The Career Guide material was also cross-referenced by geography and industry and included nonprofit employers. "At this point, I need to learn how to use a directory to identify potential employers. I will do some work in each directory so 1 can become familiar with them both."

"Let me change the example a bit. Let's say I am planning to live in Boston and that my career interest is in sales," Gabrielle thought to herself. "Why don't I explore firms there?" Gabrielle opened the cross-reference indexes to see what they provided her. There were 48 listings for sales under Boston. Each contained.

Firm name address

Reference to page number in white pages

SIC Code(s)

Disciplines hired: a list of college majors in which the firm might have interest

Going down the listing, Gabrielle found several firms that listed her old college major, math, as being of interest. "I guess I'll make note of those and skip the rest, " Gabrielle said to herself.

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