Business Letter Formats

Business Letter Formats :


The format for a business letter also differs from that of a personal letter. You will learn three acceptable formats for business letters: full block, block and modified block.


Full block format is the most common format in use today, perhaps because it is the easiest to remember and it is well suited to the way a word processor works. Every line begins at the left margin, the return address, complimentary closing, signature and even the first line of each paragraph. Paragraphs are separated by a double space.

On the next page, you will see a layout for a business letter written using the full block format.

Some confusion may arise because different textbooks give these three formats different names. The formats are all the same; only the name changes.

123 Centre Street
Yorkton - NS B4T 1Y9

February 21 – 2005

John Clancy
Personnel Manager
Greenbay Publishers Inc.
99 Hollingshead Road
Fredericton, NB
E3B 2C3

Dear Mr. Clancy,

We are pleased to _________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ _____________________________your account.

In addition, ________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _____________the work.

It would be our pleasure______________________________________ _________________________________contact us.

Yours truly,

Shirley Paterson

Shirley Paterson
Director of Research


Block format is a style of organizing parts of a letter that is seen frequently in business correspondence today. It is similar to full block, except that the heading, complimentary closing and signature are placed to the right of the center line of the letter. The spacing between parts remains the same.

9 Parker Lane
Westhill, PE C4K 1Y0
March 16 – 2002

Phil Smith
222 Victoria Avenue
Moncton, NB E2C 1P9

Dear Phil,

This is just_____________________________________________ _______________________.

I am sure ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ______________________.

Thank you for _______________________.


Martha Mason

Martha Mason


Modified block was very popular a few years ago, but it is not used too often today in the business. It is, however, a good format to use when you are writing a letter by hand. It is exactly the same as the block format except that the first line of each paragraph, like that of a friendly letter, is indented at least five spaces.

16 McCabe Crescent,
Hampton, NB E4D 2G0,

June 1 - 1999.

John Doyle,
Public Works Department,
Town of Hampton,
Box 119,

Hampton, NB E3D 2Y7.

Dear John,

I represent ___________________________________________ ________________________.

We are ______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ _______________________________.

Please contact us______________________________________ ______________________________________________________.

Yours truly,

Fred Bacon

Fred Bacon

USING PRE-PRINTED LETTERHEAD Many companies use professionally printed letterheads so their business communications will look really polished. In fact, now that computers can handle graphics and print in color almost anyone can have letterhead paper and envelopes.

Because the letterhead includes the sender’s return address, begin the letter with the date positioned a couple of spaces below the letterhead. You may place the date at the left margin or to the right of the center line, depending on which letter format you are using. Double space between the date and the inside address.

Do not use letterhead for the second or following pages of a business letter.

Artistic Home Designs 9 Liberty St., Paris, Ontario (905) 667-2233


February 1, 2009 (full block) (block/modified block) February 1 - 2009

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