Business Letters of Applications

Business Letters of Applications :

Business Letters of Applications :

C 24, Herald,
Chicago, Ill.


Your advertisement in yesterday's Herald for a salesman who has a thorough knowledge of the paint and varnish business interests me. I should like to have you consider ray application for the position.

Since graduating from the Blank High School five years ago, 1 have been employed by the Sherwin-Williams Paint Co., Cloudland, Ohio, two years as clerk and three years as salesman. During this time I have completed the Sheldon Course in Salesmanship and the Emerson Course in Personal Efficiency, applying the principles of both courses to my daily work.

My experience has given me a wide knowledge of the paint and varnish business. Just the training, it seems to me that would make my services of special value to you. You may depend on my taking a deep interest in your business, because I have an intense desire to advance.

As to my honesty and reliability, I refer you, by permission, to Mr. A. W. Jones, Sales Manager of the firm mentioned above, who assures me that he will be glad to give you any information you may wish as to my character and ability. He is in sympathy with my desire to secure a broader field of action.

If the position that you have to offer is one in which there is a real opportunity for an earnest, ambitious young man, I should be pleased to have an interview with you.

Yours very respectfully.

Business Letters of Applications :

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