Business Letters

Business Letters :

Business Letters bring more customers and make the current customers satisfactory. All the business organizations have to write letters to develop their businesses. It is normal to convey the message to our customers, suppliers, clients, supporters, relatives, friends, officers, government and many others by writing out our thoughts and demands. Only by doing so, we could open the subject of the communication and bring the matter to the attention of the recipient of the letters. Although there are many matters and thoughts which could NOT be conveyed in letters and emails, still, letters and emails remain the most convenient way for us take our messages and demands across the board. What remains on the other side of the business relations could be ascertained only writing letters to the opponents.

Modern tools of communications have made the process of communication very easy and less-time consuming – not like the old methods of communications which consumed much of our time and energy. We are gifted with the highly modern tolls which speed up our methods of communications and thus increase the efficiency of our business models.

Here is the list of such letters which address the core issues in their letters. Although the list will become exhaustive for its nature and diverse demands, we have added only few hundreds which cover the central themes mostly covered in a business communications. Few pages have more than one letter for the convenience of SEO purpose only. You are most welcome to use these letters for your business purpose and let us know the uses of the page which you use. The internet has become a powerful tool for the businesses to search for the suitable letter-model to be followed. We have the best resources for all types letters suitable for all types of business organizations. If the letter you are after is not found in this website, you could not find the letter in any other website. We have such a wide range of letters meant for all and for all occasions.

  1. Letter Regarding Account Follow-On
  2. Letter Regarding Acknowledgement of Resignation
  3. Letter to Acknowledge Receipt of Brochure & Request More Info
  4. Letter to Acknowledge Request for Payment Extension
  5. Letter Regarding Acknowledgement of Receipt of Bid Request
  6. Letter Regarding Charges Approval for Visitor
  7. Letter Regarding College Recruiting Student
  8. Letter Regarding Company Promotion for Business Brokers
  9. Letter Regarding Company Promotion for Candidate Selection
  10. Letter Regarding Company Promotion in Fashion Garments
  11. Sample Cover Letter
  12. The Twenty-Eight Most Common Letter-Writing Errors
  13. Sample Business Letter
  14. Business Letter Template
  15. Example of A Business Letter
  16. Letter Regarding Company Promotion in Mineral Water
  17. Letter Regarding Company Promotion in Printing Services
  18. Letter Regarding Company Promotion as Private Investigator
  19. Letter Regarding Company Promotion in Public Relations
  20. Letter Regarding Company Promotion in School Supplies
  21. Letter Regarding Company Promotion - 1
  22. Letter Regarding Company Promotion - 2
  23. Letter Regarding Company Promotion - 3
  24. Letter Regarding Company Promotion - 4
  25. Letter Regarding Company Promotion - 5
  26. Letter Regarding Company Promotion - 6
  27. Letter Regarding Company Promotion - 7
  28. Letter Regarding Company Promotion - 8
  29. Letter Regarding Company Promotion - 9
  30. Letter of Confirmation of Price Increase & Enclosed Agreement
  31. Letter Regarding Credit Account Renewal
  32. Letter Regarding Credit Approval for Visitor
  33. Letter Regarding Credit Approval Notice
  34. Letter Regarding Credit Card Rejection
  35. Business Letter of Recommendation
  36. Dos and Donts Checklist for Letter of Recommendation
  37. Business Letter of Recommendation Instructions
  38. Letter Regarding Credit Disclosure Notification
  39. Letter Regarding Credit Disclosure Request
  40. Letter Regarding Credit Information Request
  41. Letter Regarding Credit on Returned Goods
  42. Letter Regarding Credit Line Exceeded
  43. Letter Regarding Customer Incentive Program Discounts
  44. Letter Regarding Customer Service Request
  45. Commonly Confused Words
  46. Letter Regarding Debtor Notice of Intent to Claim Collateral
  47. Letter Regarding Delivery Delayed
  48. Letter Regarding Demand by Secured Party
  49. Letter Regarding Demand on Guarantor
  50. Letter Regarding Demand to Endorsers
  51. Letter of Denial of Request for Information of An Old Employee
  52. Letter Regarding Denial of Request for Letter of Recommendation
  53. Letter Regarding Denial of Request for Salary Increase
  54. Letter Regarding Discharge of Security Interest
  55. Letter Regarding Disclosure of Investigative Consumer Reports
  56. Letter Regarding Discount Notification
  57. Letter Regarding Employee Encouragement
  58. Letter Regarding Employee Invention Agreement
  59. Letter Regarding Employee Non-Complete Agreement - 1
  60. Letter Regarding Employee Non-Complete Agreement - 2
  61. Letter Regarding Employer Verification
  62. Letter Regarding Employment Agreement
  63. Letter Regarding Employment Information Form
  64. Letter Regarding Employment Letter
  65. Letter Regarding Employment Reimbursement Agreement
  66. Letter Regarding Enclosed Product Literature
  67. Equipment Maintenance Agreement
  68. Equipment Leasing Services
  69. Escrow - 1
  70. Escrow - 2
  71. Expense Account Statement - 1
  72. Expense Account Statement - 2
  73. Extension of Lease
  74. Favorable Recommendation for Employee Leaving Company
  75. Final Notice before Legal Action
  76. Final Request for Credit Payment
  77. Letter of Final Request for Credit Payment
  78. Letter of Final Warning before Dismissal
  79. Letter with Financial Help for Employee with Sick Relative
  80. Letter with Financing Statement
  81. Letter with Free Service Rates
  82. Letter with Free Services Offer in Health Spa
  83. Friendly Christmas Letter
  84. Letter for General Employee Reprimand
  85. General Letter of Credit
  86. Letter Stating Going Away Party
  87. Letter of Gratitude for New Account
  88. Letter of Gratitude for Selection of Service
  89. Letter of Gratitude for Selection of Services
  90. Letter of Gratitude to Customer
  91. Guarantor Agreement
  92. Letter Regarding Homeowner Insurance Refund
  93. Letter Regarding Hotel Financing Info
  94. Letter Regarding Motel Financing Info
  95. Letter Disowning Responsibility for A Personal Loan
  96. Letter Regarding Limitation of Liability
  97. Letter of Appreciation
  98. Letter with Installment Loan Book
  99. Letter with Insurance Binder
  100. Letter Regarding Insurance Cancelled
  101. Letter Regarding Insurance Services Rates
  102. Letter Regarding Intent to Sell Unfinished Goods
  103. Letter for Interest Paid on Loan
  104. Letter of Invitation to Open Account
  105. Irrevocable Letter of Credit
  106. Letter with Returned Item Not Under Warranty
  107. Letter of Lead off Sales Materials
  108. Lease Amendment
  109. Lease Assignment to Sub-Tenant
  110. Letter with Leasing Services Promotion
  111. Letter Concerning Payment Made But Not Credited To The Account
  112. Letter of Acceptance for Purchase Security Agreement
  113. Letter of Default on Promissory Note
  114. Letter of Release
  115. Letter to Customer Acknowledging Cancellation of Back Order
  116. Letter to Job Applicant Defining Meeting Requirements & Schedule
  117. Letter for Loan Services and Deferred Payment
  118. Media Survey
  119. Letter Regarding Merger Details Clarification
  120. Letter Regarding Moving Regional Office
  121. Letter Regarding Mutual Cancellation of Lease
  122. Letter Regarding Mutual Release of Legal Rights
  123. Negative Reply To A Letter of Referral For A Potential Employee
  124. Negative Reply to Letter Requesting Preferential Billing - 1
  125. Negative Reply to Letter Requesting Preferential Billing - 2
  126. Negative Reply to Offer of Employment
  127. Negative Response to Job Applicant - 1
  128. Negative Response to Job Applicant - 2
  129. Negative Response to Job Applicant - 3
  130. Letter with Free Gift to New Customer
  131. Letter for New Product Promotion
  132. Letter Stating No Bonus - 1
  133. Letter Stating No Bonus - 2
  134. Letter Stating No Returns after 7 Days
  135. Letter Regarding Non Extension of Loan Payments
  136. Letter Saying Not Received Returned Merchandise
  137. Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders
  138. Notice of Appeal
  139. Notice of Application as Sole Trader
  140. Notice of Bulk Transfer of Property
  141. Notice of Credit Limit
  142. Notice of Default
  143. Notice of Cancelled Contract
  144. Notice of Claim Lien
  145. Notice of Dishonored Check
  146. Notice of Dissolution of Partnership
  147. Notice of Expiration of Service Contract
  148. Notice of Intention to File A Lien of A Mechanic
  149. Notice of Intention to Foreclose
  150. Notice of Lease and Terms
  151. Notice of New Vacation Policy
  152. Notice of Lien upon Property in Warehouse
  153. Notice of Opposition to Zoning Request
  154. Notice of Overdue Account - 1
  155. Notice of Overdue Account - 2
  156. Notice of Overdue Account - 3
  157. Notice of Overdue Account - 4
  158. Notice of Overdue Account - 5
  159. Notice of Overdue Account - 6
  160. Notice of Private Sale of Collateral - 1
  161. Notice of Public Sale of Collateral - 2
  162. Notice of Rescission of Release
  163. Notice of Rescission
  164. Notice of Right of Rescission - 1
  165. Notice of Right of Rescission - 2
  166. Notice of Resignation - 1
  167. Notice of Resignation - 2
  168. Notice of Resignation - 3
  169. Notice of Sale of Goods Not Paid For
  170. Notice of Termination of Lease
  171. Notice of Zoning Application
  172. Notice Prior Secured Party of Purchase
  173. Notice to Account Debtor of Assignment
  174. Notice to Customer of Status of Repaired Merchandise
  175. Notice to Dealer for Overdue Refund For Returned Goods
  176. Notice to Deliver Premises to Landlord
  177. Notice to Employee to Renew Driving License
  178. Notice to Employee to Renew Medical Certification
  179. Notice to Exercise Lease Option
  180. Notice to Insurance Carrier of Change of Address
  181. Notice to Pay Rent or Quit
  182. Notice to Quit for Non-Payment of Rent
  183. Notice to Subscriber of Subscription Expiration
  184. Notice to Rescind Purchase
  185. Notice to Tenant to Quit Property
  186. Notice to Terminate Tenancy at Will by Landlord
  187. Notice to Terminate Tenancy at Will by Tenant
  188. Notification of Sale - 1
  189. Notification of Sale - 2
  190. Notification of Sale - 3
  191. Offer of Letter of Recommendation
  192. Offer of Service - 1
  193. Offer of Service - 2
  194. Offer of Service - 3
  195. Offer of Service - 4
  196. Offer of Services in A Laboratory
  197. Offer of Services in A Moving and Storage
  198. Offer of Services in A Music School
  199. Offer of Services as A Financial Assistant
  200. Offer of Services - 1
  201. Offer of Services - 2
  202. Offer of Services - 3
  203. Offer of Services - 4
  204. Offer of Services as A Furrier
  205. Letter of Intimation of Sale-By Date
  206. Letter Intimating about Overdue Account
  207. Letter Intimating about Past Due Account
  208. Letter Intimating about No Further Shipments on Credit
  209. Letter Regarding Payment
  210. Letter Regarding Payment by Installments Agreement
  211. Letter Regarding Payment Due On Account - 1
  212. Letter Regarding Payment Due On Account - 2
  213. Letter Regarding Payment of Overdue Account
  214. Letter Regarding Payment Request
  215. Letter Regarding Payment Schedule for Overdue Account
  216. Letter Regarding Permission for Release of Personal Information
  217. Letter Seeking Permission to Use Copyrighted Material
  218. Letter Seeking Permission to Use Quote
  219. Letter Seeking Permission to Use Personal Statement
  220. Letter with Personal Financial Statement
  221. Letter with Personal Payment Enclosed
  222. Letter with Personnel Emergency Record
  223. Pest Control Service Agreement
  224. Photo and Recording Release of Rights
  225. Promissory Note Installment
  226. Power of Attorney
  227. Pre-Arranged Appointment Missed
  228. Pledge of Shares of Stock
  229. Pre-Employment Checklist - 1
  230. Pre-Employment Checklist - 2
  231. Promissory Note
  232. Photo and Recording Release of Rights
  233. Pledge of Personal Property
  234. Promissory Note on Demand
  235. Promissory Note in Lieu of Open Account Debt
  236. Promissory Note and Installment Note
  237. Promotion Notification
  238. Promissory Note for Installment
  239. Promissory Note for Long Form
  240. Promissory Note and Disclosure Statement
  241. Promissory Note with Guarantee
  242. Property Improvement Contract
  243. Property Leasing Promotion
  244. Prospective Employee Acknowledgement
  245. Quitclaim Deed
  246. Letter of Rebuttal to Negative Finding of Credit History
  247. Letter with Receipt of Correspondence
  248. Letter with Record of Purchase for Forwarding to Customer
  249. Letter with Refund to Customer for Duplication of Remittance
  250. Letter of Rejection of Contractor Proposal
  251. Letter of Rejection of Counter Proposal
  252. Letter of Release from Negative Action
  253. Letter of Release of Pending Order
  254. Letter with Repair Estimate
  255. Letter of Reply to Positive Note Regarding Product Performance
  256. Letter of Reply to Inquiry about Previous Employee
  257. Letter of Reply to Offer of Help
  258. Letter of Reply to Product Inquiry - 1
  259. Letter of Reply to Product Inquiry - 2
  260. Letter of Reply to Product Inquiry - 3
  261. Reply To Request for Information Concerning Credit Rejection
  262. Letter of Reprimand for Customer Abuse
  263. Letter of Request Acknowledgement of Payment Receipt
  264. Request by An Individual for Details of A Credit Investigation
  265. Letter of Request by Contractor for Consideration of Bid Proposal
  266. Letter of Request for Account Status
  267. Letter of Request for Credit Application and Product Information
  268. Letter of Request for Credit Information
  269. Letter of Request for The Attendance of The Employee A Meeting
  270. Letter of Request for The Advice of Employee
  271. Letter of Request for Employment Reference
  272. Request for Estimate to Conduct Real Estate Appraisal
  273. Request for Extension of Time to Make Payment on Account
  274. Request for Extension to Make Payment on Promissory Note
  275. Request for Immediate Insurance Coverage on An Employee
  276. Request for Immediate Payment of Amount Due - 1
  277. Request for Immediate Payment of Amount Due - 2
  278. Request for Information Concerning Possible Credit Card Problem
  279. Letter of Request for Information from A Manufacturer
  280. Letter of Request for Information from A Supplier
  281. Letter of Request for Information from A Contractor
  282. Request for Info from A Listed Reference on A Job Application
  283. Letter of Request for Information on Location of Prior Employee
  284. Request for Information Regarding Release of Adverse Credit Info
  285. Letter of Request for Job Interview
  286. Letter of Request for Leave of Absence for Honeymoon
  287. Letter of Request for Leave of Absence for Pending Birth
  288. Letter of Request for Nature of Adverse Credit Information
  289. Letter of Request for Product Information
  290. Request for Reimbursement Due to Over payment on Account
  291. Request for Submission Employee Names for Lie Detector Testing
  292. Letter of Request for Verification of Deposit
  293. Letter of Request for Verification of Prior Employment
  294. Letter of Request to Advertising Firm Regarding Advertising Rates
  295. Letter of Request to Contractor for References
  296. Letter of Request to Employee to Attend Seminar or Meeting
  297. Request to Job Placement Agency for Prospective Applicants
  298. Letter to Resolve Misunderstanding
  299. Response to A Work Proposal Prior To Making A Negative Reply
  300. Response to A Work Proposal Prior To Making A Positive Reply
  301. Negative Response to Submission of Product for Evaluation - 1
  302. Negative Response to Submission of Product for Evaluation - 2
  303. Negative Response to Submission of Product for Evaluation - 3
  304. Negative Response to Submission of Product for Evaluation - 4
  305. Letter for Retirement Party
  306. Letter Seeking Donation for Retirement Party
  307. Letter for Return of Check to Customer
  308. Letter to Return of Merchandise Due To Receipt of Wrong Goods
  309. Letter to Return to Manufacturer for Warranty Repair
  310. Letter to Convey Returned Product Received
  311. Letter of Revocation of Guaranty
  312. Security Agreement
  313. Letter of Revocation of Power to Act as Company Representative
  314. Letter of Settlement Offer on Disputed Account
  315. Short Form of Lease
  316. Letter with Signature Request
  317. Letter to Layoff
  318. Specific Guaranty
  319. Letter of Submission of Example Work
  320. Subordination Agreement to Secured Debt
  321. Letter of Subordination of Stated Amount
  322. Letter to Take Away Credit
  323. Letter with Tax Planning Service
  324. Letter for Liability Insurance
  325. Letter of Tender of Refund for Returned Merchandise
  326. Letter of Termination of Employment
  327. Letter with Discount Coupon for Letter of Appreciation
  328. Letter of Inquiry for Catalog
  329. Letter of Thanks for Info
  330. Letter of Thanks Giving Notice to Employees
  331. Letter with Thank-You Note to A Subscriber for Comments
  332. Letter with Thank-You Note to Customer
  333. Letter with Thank-You Note to Job Interviewer
  334. Letter with Thank-You Note to New Employer
  335. Letter to Command Not to Deliver
  336. Letter to Valued Customer Acknowledgement
  337. Letter to Increase Insurance Rates
  338. Letter to Welcome
  339. Letter of Welcome to New Location
  340. Letter Signifying Not Signing The Check
  341. Sample Letters for A Fundraising
  342. Sample Emails for A Fundraising
  343. Sample Email for Fundraising
  344. Sample Letter for Fundraising
  345. Sample Letters for Fundraising
  346. Sample Fundraising Letter
  347. Writing Letters

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