Business Plan Cover Letter

Business Plan Cover Letter :

Both would benefit from speaking with professionals in their new work environments. In those cases where Harry or Lauren wants to contact someone they don't already know, a brief letter sent before telephoning is in order. The letter's basic format would be much like David's. However, a few changes would be helpful.

She should indicate, "I am exploring possible next steps in my career development" in her initial paragraph. Her middle paragraph, which tells a little about her background, should indicate her experience without sounding like a sales pitch. For example, "By way of background, I have been working as a marketing professional with a medium-sized manufacturer for about five years. After mastering the fundamentals and learning about policy-making issues, 1 am interested in moving to a higher level of responsibility."

Lauren doesn't need to mention her current firm by name if she is concerned about potential repercussions with her current employer. Please be careful while drafting your cover-letter.

A statement such as "I am exploring ways to apply my skills to a new endeavor" should appear in his initial paragraph. The middle paragraph might say, "Let me tell you a little about my work history. I have held responsible positions in marketing for a number of years and have been commended by my employers for my contributions. As I look forward to the second half of my career, 1 would like to find a way to combine my analytical and creative skills in a new field. Opportunities to do that with my current employer seem limited in the present economic climate, so I am weighing the possibility of moving on."

Neither David nor Lauren (nor you) should expect that every tepid or warm contact will agree to see you. However, continue to pursue your networking even if only one in five of your potential contacts agrees to meet with you. The information (and possible job leads) you acquire will be incredibly helpful.

In this chapter you have seen how to establish a network of professionals who can help you in your job search-even if you need to start from scratch. You learned that it is necessary to be as prepared for an informational interview as for a job interview. I suggested a number of questions you could ask and reminded you to think about what you hear, rather than accepting it as revealed truth. Now we will work on a broadcast strategy.

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