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Bureau of Export Administration - U.S. government

As of April 18, 2002 the Bureau of Ex¬port Administration is now called the Bureau of Industry and Security - Bureau of Industry and Security

Bureau of Industry and Security - U.S. government

Formerly, the Bureau of Export Adminis¬tration. Part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Responsible for control of exports for reasons of national security, foreign policy and short supply. Licenses on controlled ex¬ports are issued and seminars on U.S. export regulations are held domestically and overseas. The Bureau of Industry and Security provides an Internet-based export license application program free of charge called the Simplified Network Appli¬cation Process (SNAP) - Con¬tact : Bureau of Industry and Security; 14th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW; U.S. Department of Commerce; Washington, DC 20230 USA

Bureau International des Expositions - international oiganization

International Bureau of Expositions. An international organization established by the Paris Conven¬tion of 1928 to regulate the conduct and scheduling of interna¬tional expositions in which foreign nations are officially invited to participate. The BIE divides international expositions into dif¬ferent categories and types and requires each member nation to observe specified minimum time intervals in scheduling each of these categories and types of operations. Under BIE rules, mem¬ber nations may not ordinarily participate in an international ex¬position unless the exposition has been approved by the BIE. The U.S. became a member of the BIE in April 1968. Federal participation in a recognized international exposition requires specific authorization by the Congress, based on the president’s finding that participation is in the national interest Contact at Bu¬reau; 34, Avenue d'lena; 75116 Paris; Tel: [33] (45) 00 3 8 63; Fax: [33] (45) 00 96 15

Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition = BASC - United States

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program initiated in March 1996, as a business-led, CBP-supported alliance created to combat the smuggling of contraband via commercial trade. BASC was designed to complement and enhance the CIP program. The ultimate objective of BASC is to eliminate the contamination of le¬gitimate business shipments by criminal hands. The pro¬gram also provides businesses with heightened security awareness about the smuggling of contraband and other ter¬rorist tools in the import and export communities. BASC is one of the CBP Industry Partnership Programs (IPP). For more information contact the CBP Industry Partnership Programs at [1] (202) 927-0520

Business Executive Enforcement Team - U.S.

A channel for private sector U.S. busi¬ness executives to discuss export control enforcement matters with the Bureau of Export Administration. See Bureau of Export Administration. Contact: Office of Ex¬port Enforcement; 1401 Constitution Ave., Room H4514; Washington, DC 20230 - Tel: (202) 482-1208 - Fax: (202) 482-5889

Buy American Acts

U.S. federal and state government statutes that give a preference to U.S. produced goods in government contracts. These statutes are designed to protect domestic industry and labor, but tend to increase the price paid for goods and services government agen¬cies buy. See non-tariffbarriers or measures; trade barriers.

Buyback - economics

A form of countertrade that involves the ex¬portation of technological know-how, specialized machin¬ery and the construction of an entire factory in exchange for a set percentage of the factory’s production over a five to twenty-five year period. Buyback is also known as compensation trading. See countertrade.

Buying Rate = Bid Rate – banking / foreign exchange

Rate at which a bank is pre¬pared to buy foreign exchange or to accept deposits - The opposite of selling (or asked) rate

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