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Canada Border Services Agency = CBSA - Canada Customs

The CBSA was created on December 12, 2003 as part of the new portfolio of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, which includes emergency pre¬paredness, crisis management, national security, correc¬tions, policing, oversight, crime prevention, as well as border services.

The CBSA brings together all the major players involved in facilitating legitimate cross-border traffic and support¬ing economic development while stopping people and goods that pose a potential risk to Canada. It integrates several key functions previously spread among three orga¬nizations: the Customs program from the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency; the Intelligence, Interdiction and Enforcement program from Citizenship and Immigration Canada; and the Import Inspection at Ports of Entry pro¬gram from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

The CBSA’s role is to manage the nation’s borders by ad¬ministering and enforcing about 75 domestic laws that govern trade and travel, as well as international agree¬ments and conventions.

The work of the CBSA includes: processing commercial goods, travellers, and conveyances, and identifying and interdicting high-risk individuals and goods; conducting secondary inspections of food and agricultural products imported by travellers at airports; conducting intelligence, such as screening visitors and immigrants and working with law enforcement agencies to maintain border integ¬rity and ensure national security; engaging in enforcement activities, including investigations, detentions, hearings, and removals; supporting free trade negotiations; and con¬ducting compliance audit reviews and dumping and sub¬sidy investigations.

The CBSA operates at about 1,370 service points across Canada and nearly 40 locations abroad. It employs 10,000 public servants who serve some 170,000 commercial im¬porters and more than 98 million travellers each year.

Canadian Commercial Corporation - Canada

The prime contractor in govemment-to-govem- ment sales transactions, facilitating exports of a wide range of goods and services from Canadian sources. In re¬sponse to requests from foreign governments and interna¬tional agencies for individual products or services, CCC identifies Canadian firms capable of meeting the cus¬tomer’s requirements, executes prime as well as back-to- back contracts, and follows through with contract manage¬ment, inspection, acceptance, and payment. Contact: Ca¬nadian Commercial Corporation (CCC); 50 O'Connor Street, 11th Floor; Ottawa, ON K1A 0S6, Canada; Tel: [1] (613) 996-0034 or toll-free at [1] (800) 748-8191 - Fax: [1] (613) 995-2121

Capacity to Contract - law

Legal competency to make a contract. A party has capacity to contract if he or she has attained the age re¬quired by law and has the mental ability to understand the nature of contract obligations.

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