Capital Movements

Capital Movements :


A series of highways that make up a transporta¬tion corridor linking Canada, the United States, and Mex¬ico. The CANAMEX Corridor was established under the North American Free Trade Agreement and includes the following highways: Canada: Alberta Highways 2, 3, 4 and 43; United States: Montana Interstate 15, Idaho Inter¬state 15, Utah Interstate 15, Nevada Interstate 15, Inter¬state 515, and US Route 93, Arizona US Route 93, Interstates 10 and 19 and Mexico: Sonora Mexico Federal Highway 15.

Capesize – shipping

An ocean-going cargo vessel that is physically too large to fit through the locks of either the Panama or Suez Canals and therefore must voyage via Cape Horn at the southernmost tip of South America to get to or from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, or the Cape of Good Hope at the southernmost tip of South Africa to get to or from the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Capesize vessels generally serve deepwater terminals handling raw materi¬als, such as iron ore and coal.

Capital Account - economics

Juxtaposition of the long and short-term capital imports and exports of a country - balance of payments

Capital Flight - economics

The transfer of money or other financial re¬sources from one country to another as a hedge against in¬flation or poor economic or political conditions.

Capital Goods - economics

Manufactured goods that are for productive industrial use. For example: machine tools - consumer goods

Capital Market – finance

The market for buying and selling long-term loanable funds, in the form of bonds, mortgages and the like. Unlike the money market, where short-term funds are traded, the capital market tends to center on well-orga¬nized institutions such as the stock exchange. However, there is no clear-cut distinction between the two other than that capital market loans are generally used by businesses, financial institutions and governments to buy capital goods whereas money-market loans generally fill a temporary need for working capital.

Capital Movements - economics

(a) The international payments of a nation

(b) A nation’s short- and long-term claims and liabilities, which are entered into vis-a-vis foreign countries, includ¬ing repayment of foreign debt, direct investments, portfo¬lio investments and purchase of private real estate

Captain’s Protest - shipping

A document prepared by the captain of a vessel on arrival at port, showing unusual conditions encountered during voyage. Generally, a captain’s protest is prepared to relieve the ship owner of any liability for any loss to cargo, thus requiring cargo owners to look to insurance compa¬nies for reimbursement.

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