Career Change Cover Letter Samples

Career Change Cover Letter Samples :

Shepherd's Field

King Saul
clo Hillside Camp

Dear King Saul,

I was excited to read in the Bethlehem Post that you are seeking a champion. Let me tell you why I am the person you need.

Courage : Killed a lion while guarding my sheep.

Skilled with weapons : Lethal at a hundred paces with my slingshot

Element of surprise : Because of my size, Goliath won't take me seriously. That will give me the advantage of surprise.

Being your champion is very appealing to me. I have brothers in your army and I don't want them taken captive. In addition, I am tired of bullies and would like to get this giant off the nation's back. Since I live in nearby Bethlehem, relocating to your encampment poses no problems for me.

It is the wrong century for resumes, but I have enclosed a few ballads about my heroism for your review. Next week, I will contact your tent to arrange a meeting at your convenience.

Sincerely yours,



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