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Career Change Resume Writing : Whatever your reasons are for changing your career, there are some things you must think about when you choose your new career and begin to prepare your resume.

Changing careers in today's work world is not unusual. Some people change jobs as many as eight times during their working lives and may also change careers as many as three times or more.

Some people change careers because they wind up in the wrong job or find dissatisfaction in their job. Others change because they are unable to keep up with new technology. Still others are forced into career changes because they have reached a dead end in their career or had to move to a location where there are no jobs available in their chosen career. You may find that your interests and needs have changed and, therefore, you too must change careers.

Whatever your reasons are for changing your career, there are some things you must think about when you choose your new career and begin to prepare your resume.

First, you must evaluate your skills, abilities, education and experience in relation to your new career choice. Can you match those elements with the minimum qualifications you will need in your new job?

Second, are there enough jobs available so that you are not locked out of your new career?

Next, you should learn what the outlook is for that career. Will there still be jobs available five or ten years from now? Are there opportunities for advancement or will you hit another dead end after a few years in your new career?

Once you have given some thought to these things and are still determined to go ahead with your career change, you must prepare a resume that will market those skills and others that are transferable to your new career. You may have also acquired new skills through education and independent learning that directly relate to your new career choice. Such information is important to include in your resume. In these cases, the best resume format to use is the functional or skills-based resume. This format allows you to highlight your transferable skills, knowledge and other related experience.

For example, you might be a librarian with many years of experience and you wish to go back into the field in which you were originally interested-political science. A realistic option for you might be to pursue a career as a professional political campaign or party manager. Much of the managerial, supervisory and research experience gained as a librarian can certainly be utilized in the political arena.

Further, your educational background and some of your early professional experience can be directly related to your new career choice.

Another example : Career Change Resume Writing : A former drafter has lost his position due to downsizing. He has tired of this career area and has trouble keeping up with changes brought into the drafting industry by increasing computerization. However, his experience as a home owner and self-styled real estate expert led to completion of a real estate sales course and licensing exam. Now he is prepared to assume an entry-level sales position in the real estate industry. By doing his homework, this soon-to-be real estate tycoon learned that property is still the safest investment and that more and more people will be buying and selling property in the coming decades. By emphasizing his interests and recent training, this former drafter should have no trouble finding a sales position.

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