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Carrier’s Certificate - U.S. Customs

A document issued by a shipping com¬pany, addressed to a District Director of Customs which certifies that a named individual is the owner or consignee of the articles listed in the certificate. This document is of¬ten the evidence of right to make entry required by U.S. Customs for an individual to clear goods through Cus¬toms - evidence of right to make entry.

Cartage - logistics

(a) The movement of goods for short distances usually by truck

(b) The charge to pick up, move and de¬liver goods short distances

Cartage Agent - shipping

A ground service operator who provides pickup and delivery of freight in areas not served directly by an air or ocean carrier.

Cartage = Drayage - shipping

(a) The local transport of goods

(b) The charge(s) made for hauling freight on carts, drays or trucks


An organization of independent producers formed to regu¬late the production, pricing or marketing practices of its members in order to limit competition and maximize their market power.

Casco - insurance

Marine insurance coverage on the hull of a ship

Cash Against Documents = CAD – commerce / banking

A method of payment where a seller or an intermediary for a seller, delivers title documents for a shipment to the purchaser / buyer / consignee only upon payment for the shipment. This payment method holds less risk for the seller as title to the shipment does not pass until payment has been made. This is also called docu¬ments against payment. - documentary collection

Cash in Advance = CIA - commerce

A method of payment where the seller re¬quires payment for a shipment from the buyer prior to shipment or delivery. This method is advantageous to the seller, but disadvantageous to the buyer, who is subject to the risk that the seller may not ship or deliver as promised. - cash against documents - documentary collection

Cash With Order = CWO - commerce

A method of payment where the buyer makes payment at the time the order is placed. This payment method is common for small orders (such as ordering a clothing item from a catalog company) where the buyer is unknown to an established seller or where the seller is known to the buyer and needs funds to produce the order. It is the same as the cash in advance payment method. - cash in advance

Casus Major – law / shipping

A major casualty that is usually accidental such as a flood or shipwreck.

Catalog and Video = Catalog Exhibitions - U.S.

A U.S. International Trade Administration program promoting low-cost exhibits of U.S. firms’ catalogs and videos, offering small, less-experienced companies an op¬portunity to test overseas markets for their products with¬out travel. The International Trade Administration promotes exhibitions, provides staff fluent in the local lan¬guage to answer questions, and forwards all trade leads to participating firms. Contact: Trade Information Center – Tel : [1] (800) USA - TRADE - International Trade Ad¬ministration

Category Groups

Groupings of controlled products - export control clas¬sification number

Cause of Action - law

Facts that give a party a right to seek a judicial rem¬edy against another individual or legal entity.

Caveat Emptor - law

Latin for Let the buyer beware. The purchaser buys at his own risk.

CCC Mark - China

Acronym for China Compulsory Certification mark. A symbol printed on a product or product label by its manufacturer or im¬porter declaring compliance with the requirements of various Chinese govern¬ment laws for manufactured products related to human life and health, animals, plants, environmental protection and national security.

Products in 19 groups divided into 132 categories must ac¬quire the mark before they can be marketed, imported or used for any commercial purpose in China. The CCC Mark law went into effect on August 1, 2003.

Various private organizations assist manufacturers and im¬porters in acquiring the CCC mark. Search for “CCC mark” in your computer browser to find organizations to assist in acquiring the CCC mark for your products.

CCC mark directives are published by China’s State General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) and the Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA) on its Web site.

CE Mark = CE Marking - European Union

CE is the acronym for the French words Conformite Europeene (European Conformity).

The CE mark is a symbol printed on a product or product label by its manu¬facturer or importer declar¬ing compliance with the requirements of approxi¬mately 22 European Union CE Marking Directives re¬lated to health, safety and environmental protection. Individual Product Directives contain the essential re¬quirements, performance levels and/or Harmonized Standards to which the products must conform. Harmonized Standards are technical specifications estab¬lished by various European standards organizations such as the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Stan¬dardization (CENELEC).

CE marking on a product is a legal requirement for its in¬troduction, sale and free movement within the European Union. Therefore, the CE mark is important for manufac¬turers and importers wishing to place products in the Eu¬ropean market.

The term CE mark was originally EC mark but was changed in 1993 to CE mark. CE Mark is still in use, but it is no longer the official term.

Search under CE Mark on your computer browser for the names of organizations that assist in acquiring CE marking for products.


The currency of Ghana – 10 = 100 pesewas

Cell - shipping

The on board stowage space for one shipping container on a ship

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