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Cells - Center for Trade and Investment Services - shipping

The modular construction system on board a cellular shipping vessel designed to allow containers to be stowed securely one on top of another with vertical brac¬ing at the four comers.

Cellular Vessel - shipping

A special use shipping vessel designed for the efficient stowage of ocean containers one on top of the other with vertical bracing at the four comers.

Census Interface System - U.S. Customs

A part of U.S. Customs’ Automated Com¬mercial System, which includes edits and validations pro¬vided by the Bureau of the Census to allow for the accurate and timely collection and submission of entry summary data. Census Interface is accomplished through Automated Broker Interface entry summary transmis¬sions - Automated Commercial System

Center for Trade and Investment Services - U.S.

CTIS is the focal point in the Agency for Interna¬tional Development (AID) for the collection and dissemi¬nation of information on the agency’s programs and activities that support international private enterprise in the developing countries where AID operates. CTIS is a full service, comprehensive one-stop-shop for informa¬tion about AID’s trade and investment programs and busi¬ness opportunities in countries served by AID. The center’s objective is to further economic development abroad by facilitating increased business activity between the private sectors of AID-assisted countries and the U.S. Contact: Global Technology Network - Tel: [1] (908) 668- 1865

Central American Common Market

A regional trade alliance established in July 1991 com¬prised of Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The common market covers all products traded within the region as of 1992. A second step toward regional integration will be the establishment of a com¬mon external tariff. Panama is becoming progressively more involved in the regional integration discussions. Contact: Central American Common Market; 4A Avda 10-25, Zona 14; Apdo Postal 1237; 01901, Guatemala City, Guatemala; Tel: [502] (3) 682-151 - Fax: [502] (3) 681-071

Central and Eastern Europe Business Information Center = CEEBIC - Historic - U.S. government

A Department of Commerce fa¬cility that was opened in January 1990 to provide information on trade and investment opportunities in Eastern Europe. CEEBIC closed down operations on September 30,2005.

Central Bank - banking

The only institution which has the right to issue banknotes and which constitutes the monetary and credit policy authority of a currency zone. Apart from this, it supplies the economy with money and credit, regulates domestic and foreign payments transactions and maintains internal and external monetary stability.

Certificate of Analysis

A document issued by a recognized organization or gov¬ernmental authority confirming the quality and composi¬tion of goods listed in the certificate. Certificates of analysis are often required by authorities in importing countries for animal and plant products for consumption and for pharmaceuticals. See certificate of inspection; phytosanitary inspection certificate.

Certificate of Free Sale = CFS

A document issued by a government entity on behalf of an exporter stating that specified goods comply with the laws of the exporting country for distribution in that country’s commerce. A certificate of free sale provides assurance to the country of import that the imported goods meet coun¬try of export state, provincial and national requirements for sale. Certificates of free sale are typically issued for food products, dietary supplements, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices.

Certificate of Inspection

A document certifying that merchandise (such as perish¬able goods) was in good condition at the time of inspec¬tion, usually immediately prior to shipment. Pre-shipment inspection is a requirement for importation of goods into many developing countries. Often used interchangeably with certificate of analysis = phytosanitary inspection certificate; certificate of analysis.

Certificate of Insurance

insurance certificate

Certificate of Manufacture

A document (often notarized) in which a producer of goods certifies that the manufacturing has been completed and the goods are now at the disposal of the buyer.

Certificate of Origin - customs

A document attesting to the country of origin of goods. A certificate of origin is often required by the cus¬toms authorities of a country as part of die entry process. Such certificates are usually obtained through an official or quasi-official organization in the country of origin such as a consular office or local chamber of commerce. A cer¬tificate of origin may be required even though the com¬mercial invoice contains the information.

Certificate of Origin Form A

A document required by customs in the United-States and other developed coun¬tries to prove eligibility of merchandise under duty-free import programs such as the Generalized System of Pref¬erences and the Caribbean Basin Initiative.

Certificate Of Weight - shipping

A document stating the weight of a shipment


(1) The process by which an authorized certifying body, either governmental or non-governmental, evaluates and recognizes an individual or organization as having met certain requirements. For example, the process by which a standards organization certifies that a company has met re¬quirements for an industry standard.

(2) Documentation by a qualified authority that a ship¬ment of goods has conformed to certain requirements such as quality standards, quantity, volume, or country of ori¬gin. For example, a country of origin document provided by a local chamber of commerce and industry.

(3) A document attesting to the truth of certain facts. For example, a document attesting to the authenticity of signa¬tures or documents in connection with a letter of credit.

Certified Trade Fair Program - trade event

The U.S. Department of Commerce Certified Trade Fair Program is designed to encourage private orga¬nizations to recruit new-to-market and new-to-export U.S. firms to exhibit in trade fairs overseas. To receive certifi¬cation, the organization must demonstrate.

(1) the fair is a leading international trade event for an industry

(2) the fair organizer is capable of recruiting U.S. exhibitors and assisting them with freight forwarding, customs clear¬ance, exhibit design and setup, public relations, and over¬all show promotion.

The show organizer must agree to assist new-to-export exhibitors as well as small businesses interested in exporting.

In addition to the services the organizer provides, the De¬partment of Commerce will....

(a) Assign a Washington coordinator.

(b) Operate a business information office, which provides meeting space, translators, hospitality, and assistance from U.S. exhibitors and foreign customers.

(c) Help contact buyers, agents, distributors, and other business leads and provide marketing assistance.

(d) Provide a press release on certification

Contact the U.S. Department of Commerce - 1401 Consti¬tution Ave. - NW - Washington, DC 20230 USA - Tel: [1] (202) 482-2000 - new- to-market - new-to-export

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