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College Resume Examples :

In this page, we will learn how the members identified those positive characteristics to highlight in the second parag.raph of their cover letter - the paragraph dealing with "why you should interview me." We will also learn how to connect your past to your future, use convincing examples to validate your statements and match the positive characteristics you have to the qualities an employer needs.

Why it's better to give than to receive? The next meeting had an air of excitement mixed with concern. On the one hand, we were rolling. The members had a good grip on the why and how of an opening paragraph. On the other hand, there was some concern about our new topic, the second paragraph. Putting ourselves on the line by identifying characteristics we think address an employer's needs can be a little frightening. To dispel some of the anxiety, we opened up with questions.

What is the rationale for structuring the second paragraph as you suggest: telling the firm what you can do for them?

There are three main reasons. First, it's better to give than to receive. This is a good business practice, not just a popular saying. Remember, looking for a good job requires business sense. Tell the reader what you can do for him or her and you will sustain interest by addressing his or her needs. At some level, most people want to know "what's in it for me" before investing time, energy and attention.

Second, it's rarely obvious what you can do for the employer. Even if you have been working for a number of years, your positive characteristics need to be made explicit. Don't depend on the employer to make assumptions in your favor. If you are just leaving school or returning to the work force, identifying what you have to offer is especially important, because it won't be clear from the context of your current experience.

Third, you want to allay skepticism If you are a recent college graduate, there is a suspicion that you don't know what you want professionally and believe that the world owes you a living. An experienced worker needs to show that he or she is thinking in terms of the next employer's needs rather than expecting to reenact his or her glorious experiences with the last one. Remove this 'move this type of skepticism about you by identifying what you can give before explaining that you can get.

History as my witness

When we say we have certain positive characteristics, why should anyone believe us?

Good question. You can establish credibility by giving good example of how you demonstrated, achieved or learned characteristics. Rrmember, you want to give the employer sufficient reason to interview you. At the interview, tile firm will probe your characteristics in greater depth.

A related point : As the following story illustrates, your past behavior is used as a predictor of your future behavior.

The cover letter adds to your attractiveness as a candidate in three ways.

Highlighting : You can give those positive characteristics of greatest interest to a particular employer more prominence in the cover letter than you did in your resume.

Reframing : Through your cover letter, you can put some of your experiences in a frame of reference that more closely meets the needs of the employer.

New material : Your cover letter can include material of interest to an employer that would be difficult to present in a resume. Your motivation for wanting to work for that particular company is an example.

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