Common Interview Mistakes

Common Interview Mistakes :

It’s over. You’ve had the interview. You may have done very well and are delighted with yourself. On the other hand, like most of us, you feel that you could have done better. Or it may have been a disaster. Whatever your feelings are, it is important that you examine in detail how the interview went.

You may ask why you should do that. The interview is over. Why go over lost ground? Don’t we need to go forward with this behind us? There are several reasons.

You’ve got to consider this interview as a learning experience. You need to determine what you did right and what you did wrong and how you could do better.

You may have to attend other interviews.

Practice and review makes perfect.

You need to check whether you have got all the answers and information you need to make a decision if the job is offered to you.

What should you do?

Review the Job Information :

Have you got all the information that you require regarding the job that’s being offered?

Do you know what you are expected to do? If you have some doubts write these down to ask later.

Have you understood the organisation structure and to whom you will be reporting?

Were there any aspects of the job the interviewers kept returning to? This can be the critical experience / knowledge they are looking for.

Are you clear about the compensation package? This is important as at the end of the day you must be adequately rewarded for the work that you are doing.

Was there any information that the interviewers gave you that you did not think of or asked? Ihis is for you to remember for future interviews. Additionally, was there any information that was given to you that changed your perception of the job? Is this better or worse?

Was there anything about the work environment, the interviewers or the persons you met that would make you want to work in this office/company?

Does the job sound exciting and the kind you’d like to do? This is very important. The last thing you should do is accept a job that is boring even if the money is good. You will hate it.

Do you know when you will be advised of the decision? This is for your reference and planning.

If you were telephoned and offered the job, would you, without a blink, take it? If you would, then the job is probably the one you want.

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